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Wayda Dreamscape
I'm have the most great privilege of being friend of Silver and there is something i can assure he works like a legion, he is one of the most precious Opensim assets Ty for your great work that serves so many now and so many more later!! Big Kiss ;)

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I love this grid, really beautiful and well done. Many interesting things to discover.
The only negative side is that we only have $ 1000 in virtual currency and there are so many great clothes to buy!

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latex boy-girl
grid is poor cost u to join group jsut to buy and cost to buy
na no good at all

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Un negozio grandissimo dove trovi FINALMENTE abiti diversi dai soliti stancanti di ogni negozio qui in opensim. Dove puoi sbizzarrire la tua fantasia veramete ottimo coinsigliatissimo

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Auch ich bin froh Mit Silver befreundet zu sein, er hat mir in OS geholfen ich hätte das alles niemals alleine rausgefunden, er ist ein ganz toller und Lieber und macht eine sehr Gute Arbeit , ist immer lieb nett und aufmerksam zu jedem...... es lohnt sich immer wieder dort vorbeizuschauen,Mare hat mir unglaublich geholfen und alle sind sehr sehr nett und hilfsbereit dort..danke für alles

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Great shopping experience. Lots of new stuff, and great lay out. Thank you, for sharing. 5 stars.

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Absolutely awesome! Laid out nice, easy to find what you're looking for! I give it DOUBLE THUNDER!

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Good site, well laid out, have bento cocks (I need help understanding difference from one to another.. size?), and they give you money. I got at least $200 from their bot.

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๖̶̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜζ͜͡Cαɭ ℳαɾε
So a nice sim beautiful well done and the ppl are friendly and very helpful tys smiles

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