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Based on a RL Northern Norway city (same name) and way of life.
** SIM SEASONAL * WEATHER AS RL CITY **Enable windlight sky from your viewer for better experience!
FREEBIES created and/or modified by me and OFFERED FOR FREE and FULLPERM available at VIKING MUSEUM with all sort of furnitures,artifacts and objects in general for ur Scandinavian or GOR SIMs!

Have Fun :)

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As RL Northern Norwegian SIM, same name. Weather also as RL.

Tromso Bibliotek (Library)

Tromso Polaria (Arctic Museum)

Tromso Havn (Harbor)

Tromso City hall and Viking Museum where viking related freebies are offered for FREE and FULL PERM

THE GRUMPY CAT KAFFÉ new place! Now located in front of a frozen lake.. Ice skating giver available for FREE for visitors! THE GRUMPY CAT KAFFÉ is a place where friends come to play greedy but u all are welcome to join us :)

Dancing with few friends at Valhalla Klubb

*** VIKING MUSEUM *** NEW ARTIFACTS ARRIVAL *** Just some few nice mesh signs/symbols I ve built / brought from Blender to give u all FREE AND FULLPERM
Enjoy :)

Valhalla Club in Tromso :) (new logo)

Midnight sun over Tromso

Fire camp area :)


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Power OfGreen Wonderful place! Really beautiful and many good things to see. The Museum is wonderful and thank you for the freebies, terrific!
Purrfectt Katt A great place to visit and spend time. Cool freebies, and amazing sites, plus greedy!!! yayyyy
Tainted Angel Amazing world, great person!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing.
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WhiskeyRunner 2 months ago
Awesome greedy tables thanks again Jimmy well I made the 100 on here thanks again Jimmy a great friend
TeddyBrat 2 months ago
A good guy who knows how to make time go by peacefully!
Jimmy Olsen 2 months ago
thx Teddy :)
Mystic Moonlight 2 months ago
have been to your sim several times to explore and grab some of the creations you made and of course the greedy tables which keep us all entertained and greedy lol,,
Jimmy Olsen 2 months ago
Hi mystic.. Thx for the comment :) Glad u liked it :)
YJ Dude 2 months ago
Cool Cool.. Love it. Especially the snow in the pics.. I run Wawona and Yosemite.. Been collecting up your greedy tables ;) cool beans..
Jimmy Olsen 2 months ago
Im̀ glad u liked my sim, Yj.. And have u got the latest gredy table ive released at GREEDY MUSEUM btw?
Bossy145 2 months ago
I like your place
Jimmy Olsen 2 months ago
Thx Bossy. Im̀ glad u enjoyed ur stay here :)
Jasmin Lowland 2 months ago
filled in the site to get permission to enter, saw an message to look at something what I not can find. still not can enter. while people from your grid can enter our grid is your grid closed. strange for open sim
Jimmy Olsen 2 months ago
Hi Jasmin.. Have u ever tried contact GCG support at website?
Tainted Angel 2 months ago
Where can I find that weather system?
Jimmy Olsen 2 months ago
Go to sim FLORA: and look for WEATHER SECTOR
Tainted Angel 4 months ago
Love it!! But how'd you get the npc driving cars like that? Would love to do that. Adds life to your already amazing world.
Greybox 4 months ago
Do we really need more NPC caused vehicular homicide?
Jimmy Olsen 4 months ago
lool I m thinking on adding a push script t vehicles there heeh
Tainted Angel 4 months ago
Jimmy Olsen 4 months ago
Actually, NPC doesn`t drive it. I just put the tram script ( inside the bike that rezes the NPC.
Tainted Angel 4 months ago
That's awesome!! Thank you so much!!!
Frankie Rockett 6 months ago
Such an atmospheric place. I'm sure you must have captured the feel of the real location. Thank you for your great work and all the attention to detail. It all adds up to one amazing sim!
Jimmy Olsen 6 months ago
Hi Frankie.. thx for comment.. Glad u liked it :) and sorry for not answering u IM, status online but i was totally AFK
Arya Paul 6 months ago
Thanks again for sharing all the great GREEDY tables. You've done an outstanding job on the entire Tromso doesn't feel like a display, but like you're in an actual place! The bus ran over me twice. Lucky it's phantom! :)
Jimmy Olsen 6 months ago
ehhe yeah, some have already threatened to sue me for that lol and glad u enjoyed ur stay at Tromso :)