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I will be away from Opensim, and so my region in Sacrarium Grid. This will be a long absence (maybe several months) due to RL changes (nothing bad don't worry).

Zetra will stay opened, managed by WhiteAngel Deed (Sacrarium owner). If there is a problem on the region, please contact him.

TyphaineArtez posted 23 days ago by TyphaineArtez


JaniaCleanslate 21 days ago
Hugs Typ - hugsss
Krystal 22 days ago
Aww Typh, you will be missed so much, you have worked tirelessly to give us so much content and free!. Hope your absence is as you wish it to be and we look forward to your return, hugs, Kx
becca_kershaw 22 days ago
Typh you have brought a lot of joy to so many people i wish you the best of luck and hurry back i will miss you very much!
bettyfl 22 days ago
We will miss you much :-*