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Come to see the biggest concentration of free content providers in OpenSim.
A permanent exhibition, growing each day.

All grids welcome to display with two rules: content must be free, kids stuff not allowed.

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EXPO SACRARIUM New update new suppliers!!! http://sacrarium24.ru
New supplier! http://sacrarium24.ru
New supplier! http://sacrarium24.ru
New supplier! http://sacrarium24.ru

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This region was torn apart by other networks; it was closed, but will soon return.
Maggie 25d
Thank you for explaining.
Maggie 25d
Would any one know why I get the message that my av can't be verified when I try to enter Sacrarium grid? I have been to Sacrarium many times before with no problem coming from Discovery grid.
This region was torn apart by other networks; it was closed, but will soon return
gotham 1 months
Bellissimo,sacranium fantastici
Maggie 1 months
Does anyone know where the EXPO area went, I keep landing in an auditorium.
AllaaOkoda 1 months
Try it now there is a Teleport 3 floors expo
Mara 1 months
Hello! There is an elevator that will take you to all parts of the exhibition, you just have to click.
It is in the platform entries
YA_MAHA 2 months
Many thanks for an unforgettable evening !!! This is just an explosion of feelings and emotions !!! Live performance, wonderful voice !!! Simple - You are the Best !!! And immediately the question: When will you come to us again ??? We are waiting for you!!!
Nimfettka 2 months
The concert was delightful, I really liked it, there were only pleasant impressions. We are waiting for you again!
SusannaValeska 5 months
I can't get here. Says, "Visitors from your world not allowed." ????
IntrepidBoudica 5 months
Hi Susana, I have no idea from what grid you come from but this happens all the time with currency grids and they do this to all Opensim newbies, they sell you hypergrid, and then they give you half hypergrid and you end living in a colony with no access to free top content, this is only because the less you get free the more you will buy, the best way to bypass these stupid bans is to create a new free alt account in sacrarium grid then you take all to another grid and then send it to you main one :-) Next time be sure to chose a FULL HYPERGRID GRID ;) The truth is you have been banned by your own grid not by Sacrarium :-)
TyphaineArtez 5 months
Probably your grid has closed the door to Sacrarium, who did the same back.
Morgenstern 7 months
Expo Sacrarium 2019 is awesome! Much better, much more arts, expression and difficult than 2018. I think this is an art and it must be have a name I dont know which one. White you are great builder- I always told so. So many new stuff too. Now you have second floor and you can travel between Expo 2018 and 2019, to compare times, people and their regions. Very nice project.
Nebesnij 7 months
Thanks so much White, you're the man
Kezan 7 months
You are amazing White!! Thank you
midnightrain 7 months
I am disappointed, hope there is a good reason my favorite place has been off line for 16 hours
Lori 7 months
iS this on same grid?
Lance_Newhouse 3 hours ago
Sacrarium24.ru Web Site and grid is currently down for unscheduled maintenance as of this date 1April 2019 for unknown reason and duration. Please be patient for grid return. They are working diligently to restore services.
NiketaAmly 7 months
Again.. You have delivered to OpenSim the best. Amazing!!! Thank you for all you do
Jessa 7 months
Beautiful Thank you very much <3 Well Done!!
Morgenstern 7 months
We have been waiting for this moment throughout the year. I think it will a very funny and interesting for everyone. Well done, guys!
KelAngel 7 months
Nice expo, as always sacrarium with excellence in quality products in opensim
Sam15 7 months
Beautiful expo, quality products with always on sacrarium grid, I love to be part of this grid.
IrinaStoun 7 months

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The Best Available Premium Content FREE for you, your sim, or your grid!!!!
Without a doubt, this will be one of the most significant event of this month. The largest exhibition of the rarest stuff collections. But Sacrarium loves secrets and now tssssss...;) Only for thouse how knows.
OMG! All power of Sacrarium here! Is only place when you can feel free and get the best content in whole virtual worlds in one place! When you want have a rest of cruel reality, you can go here to fill your heart with love and absolutely humanism. Im so grateful to you guys for beautiful friendly at...
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