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I reflected, and I saw that I was acting badly, doing the same as many: punishing innocents for the mistakes of a few.
Arts Manhas is open to all who come.
Merry Christmas to all !!

Male and female Mesh Avatars, clothes, shoes, accessories and everything else to make your avatar mount. At Arts Manhas you find a lot of things to make your virtual life more pleasant. EVERYTHING FREEE!

Avatares Mesh masculino e feminina, roupas, calçados , acessorios e tudo o mais para fazer montar seu avatar. Na arts Manhas voce encontra muita coisas para tornar mais agradavel a sua vida virtual. TUDO FREEE!
AMO Coisas FREE!!

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Amantha 23 days ago
Would love some of the things here, however you can only take the things that are copy. The items set to buy do not work and do not end up in your suitcase. Hopefully this can be fixed because there are so many things here I'd like.
Fantasia 2 months ago
beautiful place , but I cant buy any of it just needs the copy clicked on edit on top copy for all, easy done. Great work some lovely things there ..
mari 4 months ago
otimo lugar pena que nos do vida dupla não conseguimos comprar nada
PurrfecttKatt 4 months ago
Very beautiful place, have had fun looking at everything. Great work!!

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Tudo Free kakakakakakaka!!!!!!!! Nao seja enganado vem aqui primeiro!!! TOP!!!!!
Had a Great time looking at everything . I love the way the store is laid out .. Beautiful clothes, and free! This is a GREAT go to place for furniture and clothes and , well, you just have to go see what I am talking about ,, 4 stars in my book!
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