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Foundation Grid
Designed for superior performance .. the grid where other "grid owners" come for content !!

Foundation Grid is not suitable for Underage Avatars

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Merllin 13d
Thank you freebies stuff
1ChristyBendan 9 months
I love to hang out on Foundation. Friendly creative people, lot's of fun, and regular activities for the social. My favorite grid in the meta verse.
StepanVolkov 1 years
I can hardly believe they got so much stuff set up in only three days. OMG! New Home for Adachi and Freckles.. my Favs... and dowloads.. smoking fast!
JessieCampbell 1 years
ya...you gotta try it...for no other reason than...oopsie...oni...

Come on..who doesn't know this weirdo that does it all ??

I find the people really friendly.

I love the group feeling and how every one helps each other.

I do like to eat hot dogs.

With mustard.

And chips.

And gee....Im getting hungry.

Get your dogs at Foundation !!

After 3 days it's still fast and fun, and I am meeting so many nice people! :)
Latisha_Jones 1 years
This place reminds me of Adachi but is a whole grid. Amazing and Foundation name really does suit it.
LoraLynn 1 years
Found this on OSW seems new. Like It!!!
Kelley_Adams 1 years
Went there with my friend, Talke with Oni.. what a hoot! This place is alive!!!
IndianaSummers 1 years
Happy Place, great people love all the choices.
oklahomasocial 1 years
Happily now owning three super fast regions here at Foundation Grid.
Winters 1 years
very professional set up .. yes fast too as stated in the description
Just wandered over .. defiantly zippy
goonie 1 years
cool, found super nice people ;))))
oopsee 1 years
Foundation Grid ... only the best of the best !!!
It's a great new high-performing grid and I met lots of new people there. Give it a look and you will be glad you did!

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Nice job Gals.. you really hit it out of the ball park and keeping with Open Sim Spirit. Nice!
I heard they were going to open! But I never expected so many regions in just one day. OMG.. and free stuff too!
Foundation Grid lives up to their promise of WOWOW performance - love it
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