Gallery No.8 and Town Center

Gallery No.8 and Town Center
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Welcome to Michel Peak! Spring is here! We have plenty of fun planned! Roast marshmallows around a campfire. Sit around a cozy fire in the Lodge. The most beautiful designs by Kitely builders have been pulled together here for a fantastic fun world.

Running through May is our 1st Annual Native American Film Festival. Showing in the Beach House Resort is the movie Coyote Waits. A murder mystery? Check it out!
Showing in the Lodge Resort is the movie Dakota 38. Learn about the largest execution in the U.S., learn important history!

And don't forget our monthly concert at The Roving Eye! Now playing: Los Lobos at Tarrytown. Did you know Los Lobos has fantastic concert posters. You will find a collection of 12 very nicely priced at The Roving Eye! Invite your friends and have a party!

At the Welcome Center you will find a map of Michel Peak! Have a meeting or event planned? Try our mountain top Amphitheater! Want to camp out or wander around the beach? Maybe you would like to enjoy a cozy campfire under the stars? Try visiting and staying in the many wonderful and spacious rooms at the Lodge or the Beach House. You will find Gallery No. 8 and Town Center always has many surprises for you to explore. There are secrets here! Have fun! Here you will find the artist busy at work on new projects.

New!! A magical rooftop carousel is now a fun destination! Look for this beautiful creation above the Roving Eye Bar and Dance Club. In addition, Gallery No.8 and Town Center has begun shipments of wine from Castle Wines. You will find the new wine tasting room in the second floor of the General Store. Now the Beach House Resort and the Michel Peak Lodge will feature the best wines in Kitely!

We have installed televisions in every room of the Lodge and the Beach House Resort. When wandering around, look for the current schedule in the newspaper! We are playing movies, a new one every month. Also, we are playing music from various artists - see the large screens in the Roving Eye Bar and Dance club.

Enjoy the beauty of Crescent Moon Park and Nature area for outdoor fun.

Enjoy The Boardwalk Amusement Park.

Experience Michel Peak Cave with new hot tub and Michel Peak hiking trails.

Visit the Michel Beach Wilderness Preserve. See the Lisbon Tram replica!

Try shopping in the Town Center! Enjoy a variety of food and drinks!

**Gallery No.8 is in Town Center**

The Roving Eye Bar and Dance Club might become your favorite hangout! Stage a performance on our large stage!

Book a room in Michel Peak Lodge or The Beach House Resorts.

The Spa, with its large pool and Jacuzzi, will be your favorite place to relax!

***Coming soon: Mountain tram! Still trying to get the script!

***~Everything is FREE!~***

Note: We are an environmentally friendly place, please do not litter! All power is powered by solar energy. All materials used are environmentally friendly! All vehicles are powered by battery power.

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Playing now - Los Lobos Concert at the Roving Eye!
17 days ago - 0 comments
Winter time! New Ice skating arena! New movie and music concert every month! Work in progress - clothing store and jewelry store! We are also adding pottery to our gallery!
3 months ago - 0 comments
7 months ago - 0 comments
7 months ago - 0 comments

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