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This sim is under construction. The sim mission is to serve ALL Opensim Grids and Users providing MASS DISTRIBUTION of NEW resources and content to expand builders creativity. Everything is and will be FREE and full perms, take a copy or buy for zero. Under Construction - No Drama Sim, No Sex, No discrimination - Zero Tolerance.

Rules for animals:
Not saying Hi in chat Range = Kick
Offering friendship without previous chat = Ban

We are friendly, we love you, we hope you enjoy your visit - Thank You!

Photos & Posts
Boo!!! Halloween Ghost Sheet Avatar in 12 flavors is here to be shared with no shame! Now FREE and FULLPERMS available to ALL Grids and Freebie Shops!!! Have fun :)
4 months - 0 comments
To save your time now last 3 days New Boxes have a Red Flashing NEW Sign!!! Enjoy and Share :-)
4 months - 3 comments
Container 20190909 now Free and FullPerms Available to all Grids and Feebie Shops @ our ATM Machine, Enjoy and send it to your Friends :-)
5 months - 0 comments
We updated this release with a fix in the snow version. Keep Sharing ;)
5 months - 0 comments

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Alisha 4 months
Absolutely loved this sim and all it stands for but I cannot access it anymore and my attempts promote a 'you have been banned' response and I have no Idea why.
IntrepidBoudica 3 months
Ty Alisha, we try to serve as many users as we can, i found 5 accounts with the same name but different grids please try the GCG one.
CharlotteSantoni 5 months
Porque não conseguimos teletransportar a sua grade?
IntrepidBoudica 5 months
Zero Tolerance, we prefer to serve all our community then few abusers and OAR's resellers,
Tolerancia zero, preferimos servir toda a comunidade em vez de meia duzia de abusadores.
CharlotteSantoni 4 months
Desculpe não entendi a sua colocação,não vendo nada e nem loja tenho,se postou e para que conheçam.Então seu sim e aberto a poucos..Bem a minha land e passeios,festas,venha conhecer,não e para poucos,gosto de dividir minhas alegrias.Sejam todos bem vindos.☺Pensei que o opensim fosse para todos,não se preocupe não tentarei mas ir a seu espaço,sou bem recebida em outras.bjs de luz,não quis ofender tentando ir em sua grade☺
Whippin 9 months
I am not sure what crashed your grid..but I can assure you was not Julie Drake. She does not have the power to do such a thing. Not sure why is necessary to hurt someone by putting this on their board. One should look at the reason for the crash, instead of blaming one person.
CharlotteSantoni 4 months
Creio que não seja a Julie ela não tinha preconceitos contra latinos,ser acusada por ela de abusadores achei pesado,somos simples Usuários como qualquer um no mundo,merecemos respeito como um todo,Por esses motivos varios fogem opensim voltando ao sl.Se tiveram problemas com alguém Br resolva mas não envolvas um todo,Tem muitas lands gringas com produtos free a venda. Ja veio ao nosso mundo verificar essa venda? Não tenho loja.E fui ofendida;Concordo essa não e a Julie

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I love this site and I hope to come back soon everything is great and the owner is a very good person and updated daily! Run !!
This is the place !!! Can see it is growing with excellent builds and content ... sure to be very popular !!!!
as always the impression!!!!
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