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Gloebit currency, freebies, over 60 group gifts, free to copy, and others, ... Free smokes, BBQ, furniture, animated bars, free homes, tree houses, plants, flowers, free wears & jewels, animated food & drinks, tobacco, free cigarettes, pipes,cigars, free decorations, free houses.... fun gifts

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great place

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how do i join group
Goldenmoon 20 hours ago
to join Golden Shopping group just touch the join group box, and touch the link in local chat… The group page will open… You can also find the group in search, or join in my profile Honeymoon Resident
Daddysbrain 9 days ago
If you are getting boring or fed up of seeing the same stuff & freebies everywhere… GO TO SEE THAT REGION ! Fantastic place full of surprises… My swetheart even found a lot for our place and loved the free kiss balls
JessieCampbell 1 months ago
Met Honeymoon who was most gracious. She has built a fantastic shopping area with lots of freebies for group members!! Thank you !!
Goldenmoon 1 months ago
Thanks a lot, Jessie …. more will come soon ….
Wykd1 1 months ago
Awesome Items :)) love the Place!!
Goldenmoon 1 months ago
Thanks a lot ….. ;-)
PowerOfGreen 2 months ago
its very beautiful
Goldenmoon 2 months ago
Thanks a lot... I will add many things everywhere, all creations, and group gifts too...

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NEW bathroom model… with more furniture and animations..... bigger bath tub with bubbles, washing, relaxing, cuddles... furniture with radio, kiss furniture, double sinks, toilets, decorations..... walls & floor are copy & modify to fit your house… You'll find it last floor in Dreams of Water shop, near Party Time.
4 days ago - 0 comments
New animated bathrooms in Dreams of Water shops…. new shapes, new textures and corner bath !
9 days ago - 0 comments
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