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My original DragonMoor was on the Great Canadian Grid. Sadly, it is no more. I have with great detail re-created and improved my sim. When you land in the Welcome area, you arrive on the ferry. Check-in with the guard and then explore all that is here. Take the bus or grab a vehicle to go on your own. The military base, with areas for soldiers to roleplay if desired with the recreation of how army bases looked during my time in the RL Canadian Forces. Veterans and other memorials to honour those who do, or have served. The wharf delivers goods to the land for both the military and the small town of DragonMoor. The airport is there as well, and the Canadian Snowbirds fly in the sky above. The beach is great for swimming, surfing or relaxing. Opensim fishing available. I will occasionally hold fishing contests. There is a lovely cave area above the dam for cuddles and swimming in the small lake that feeds the dam. Visit the bank, and go shopping! Many stores are available to rent. (FREE-300 prims) Many stores have freebies! Houses are available if you would like to live here! (same terms as the stores) DragonMoor Inn has events listed in the events area. The church can be used for weddings or just to come to reflect. There is much to see here, and it is my hope that many will come to visit, explore, perhaps come to live or work. I appreciate feedback as well. Yes, I am a vampire Queen, but it is roleplay here and no true danger. There is a medieval area in the sky. All welcome. Dragain Fhuil Clan. Vampire and all races welcome. Join through my profile. My wish is to share my creations, and my land with all welcome. There are a few of my creations I keep only for myself. Sorry! I hope you enjoy my work! If you like what you see, please come back to this site and give it a rating and comment. Safe paths to all-Tigerkitti Eberdene. (Tig)

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cero m Really well put together and lots to see!
(Unknown) Vampires are running rampant in GCG. Nice job Tig! plus an amazing Canada memorial center for our brave troops.

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Kathena Mavendorf 1 years ago
Dragonmoor is an extremely well developed sim to explore. There are many different lands within it. You can visit a military installation, a veterans memorial, then go camp in nature or visit a medieval village. Also, there are lots of shops to explore. Recommend a visit!
Morgan Chaplin 2 years ago
Tig is one of the nicest and most generous and helpful ladies that I have had the pleasure of meeting. Her sims is awesome, she works so hard to build interesting and fun places, it goes on forever. Tig has some of the best I ideas to add in her builds. One of the best builders in the CGC.
thedeeferry 2 years ago
Friendly Nice people Big Nice place