Sailing race @ Tessin
19 Jan 2019 22:30 SLT
Ships provided in rezzers. At the landing point you find TP to the docks. Competition results are showed here: http://magic.kayaker.net/racer/status.php?rid=247 Sailing tutorial for new ones: https...
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Sailing race 2 PM
13 Dec 2018 14:00 SLT
At Tessin we have set up a sailing race. Ships available in rezzers, no need to buy one to participate! TP to Tessin landing point, on the info stand you will see the sign " SAIL STATENJACHT UTRECHT" ...
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Fishing contest (full week, ending Sunday )
3 Jul 2018 12:16 SLT
Come to the docks, get your rod, catch 20 fish! There is a gold, silver and bronze trophy for the winners of the biggest fishes. Winners get a price in Kitely Currency. Whats to win , you can see on ...
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