Tessin is more than just a sim; it's an experience! The sim's creator obviously loves her details, as she's added so many beautiful zones ranging from forests to a massive library to individual islands and beaches. The village is my favorite, however, with thoughtful elements in the tavern and shops. The dockyards are probably the highlight of this region, as sailing is the sim owner's passion, and it's obvious by the many detailed ships she's built and made available both for free and in the Kitely Market. To top it all off, the creator of all this is a genuinely nice person who goes out of her way to help pesky newbies like myself! Overall, this is a fun place to explore.

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Freda Frostbite
What a fabulously creative and skillfully executed build! Great opportunity for those who are into pirates. Or sailors. Or pirates and sailors. If you are looking for good RP in OS, this is the place for you!

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The details of this region is just impeccable. From the pathways, to the worn wagon wheel tracks through the meadows. I love the details here, this reminds me of the early days of SL when you venture out and discover a place where you lose track of time, a place that you find yourself wanting to return again, which I definitely will. You will love her ships :)

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