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Tropical Island with all amenities. I rent the island from Slow Puzo and it has 3000 prims it's in the OS grid and rated "A".Visitors may be expelled if I'm not online. All my apologies. I will help you if I can with addresses, curiosities.

Hi friends A note on TSim2 where I have my house I do not on the island and thus there can be security issues. Please contact me in world Moora McMillan. I will be so happy to meet you!

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Rick Brumley Dropped in and met the friendliest person one could ask for, and so very helpful. Highly recommend this place to all!

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Region Comments

Zuzu Bahro 1 years ago
Is TSim down?
Moora 12 months ago
Hi No it's not at least not Tsim2 where I rent an Island if you're interested in renting one address yourself to Slow Putzo. The place is fabulous!
Moora 1 years ago
I apologize to all the people who came to visit my home. I sincerely thought that is was accessible to all visitors.I should have known better. I have a landing point in front of my beacon). You should not land any place else. Tsim 2 Is a lovely area. Please contact me in world "Moora McMillan" I hope to see you soon :-)
Karen Mansour 2 years ago
I concur with Loru's comments - I thought i was going into a shop (50m from the landing zone) only to be informed I was in a private area. And I had taken 5 minutes understanding the rules and regulations in the Welcome Notecard - not impressed ...... sorry!
Moora 1 years ago
I'm sorry Karen it's my fault, I rent the place I'm not the owner I will explain this in the region's description.
Loru Destiny 2 years ago
I just wanted to look around, was curious after I read that this is a high recommended place. I expected a very nice landscape and atmosphere there, with nice impressions. What happened? After a short walk I was informed that I'm entering a private place and will be thrown out in some seconds. Of course I agree we all have the right for a private zone but why is the landing point for visitors so near to your private propererty? After that friendly command I left the grid immidiatly taking with me this frustrating impression. Not nice....
Moora 1 years ago
Hi Loru no not nice at all. I forgot to mention I rent I do not own the sim. I got carried away by the sheer size of the land/Island I have. Please visit again. I would love to meet you hugs
Moora 2 years ago
Thank you Wheat is was my pleasure meeting and, most of all, helping you I love to help and please guys drop by :)