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Tropical Island with all amenities come to visit my home all are welcome and write a positive comment! :)) Goodies at the landing point, free for all visitors. Apollo & Adonis bodies for men. Athena 5 for women etc.

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HanHeld 4 months ago
So, after reading these reviews, I visited out of curiosity.

There doesn't seem to be a specific landing point set, so for all I know I wasn't in the offical landing area.

I was sent a long notecard detailing how to join the estate, but then I got kicked while I was reading it.

No skin off my nose, honestly, but I can't imagine that I'll go back.
karenparksuk 4 months ago
I concur with Loru's comments - I thought i was going into a shop (50m from the landing zone) only to be informed I was in a private area. And I had taken 5 minutes understanding the rules and regulations in the Welcome Notecard - not impressed ...... sorry!
Loru 5 months ago
I just wanted to look around, was curious after I read that this is a high recommended place. I expected a very nice landscape and atmosphere there, with nice impressions. What happened? After a short walk I was informed that I'm entering a private place and will be thrown out in some seconds. Of course I agree we all have the right for a private zone but why is the landing point for visitors so near to your private propererty? After that friendly command I left the grid immidiatly taking with me this frustrating impression. Not nice....
Moora 9 months ago
Thank you Wheat is was my pleasure meeting and, most of all, helping you I love to help and please guys drop by :)

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Dropped in and met the friendliest person one could ask for, and so very helpful. Highly recommend this place to all!
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