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Container Arrival at ShenZhen 20190426B now available on our ATM terminal! Ty Betty <3 ;) Everybody else Enjoy and Share :)))))
7 months - 0 comments
Container Arrival 20190408R Stuff at ShenZhen, now also available in most ATM's Terminals in several grids and sims Enjoy!!! Keep it FREE, FULL PERMS, and share it with no Mercy because Sharing is Caring!
8 months - 0 comments
May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations. Happy New Year to all Opensim The Shenzhen team :-)
11 months - 0 comments
Container 20181228 arrival at ShenZhen, please use our ATM's :-)
11 months - 0 comments

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Simon_Templar 12 months
Thank You!
GundaHerleva 12 months
Ty Simon :-)
Fantasia 1 years
amazing things !!! just love free shopping :P great place to shop !!!!!...
GundaHerleva 12 months
Ty Fantasia :-)
LoraLynn 1 years
wow, took link from Tranquility Grid... works great, no problems. Nice place, lots of things you never find other places. My BF loves the all Men's shop there, what a treat!
Andron 1 years
Was able to reach then teleport to ShenZhen from their welcome area. The beacon is on the region so not sure why the beacon is pointing to the wrong URL here... (its hg. not login.)
GundaHerleva 1 years
Ty for the feedback Andron let me try to fix this
GundaHerleva 1 years
with i get this now

I'm sorry it's not working
mikehart 1 years
Typical "Failed to Verify Identity" Cannot get to the place. Cannot even get to Zetaworlds due to the same error.
GundaHerleva 1 years
I'm sorry Mike it's not working :( but all content found in ShenZhen is from Adachi, Diamond, The Conglomerate and The Harbor
ChilliBean 1 years
Also content from Sharing is Caring :)
GundaHerleva 1 years
Yessssssssss :-)))

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If you just got a region, this place has a bit of EVERYTHING to get you started. Great layout and premium stuff.
Top Free and FullPerms content Everywhere TY!!!
Good Free Stuff Everywhere it's also good for newbies because it's organized, a good place to start no old trash content!
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