Utopia Skye Welcome

Sheku_Thor 3 years ago
Last night I had the pleasure to be with friends, old and new, at the New Year celebrations on Utopia Skye. Over 8 hours of music from Gertie, Austin, Mike and Calliope as well as hour after hour of an amazing particle show by Lexx which all ran so smoothly. Thank you so much to all of you for a great time.
The sims so stable with the smoothest sim crossings which is great for exploring, flying, sailing etc. This grid is in beta which does not reflect the standards and quality of the grid but it does reflect the standards and quality of the owners. They are working hard to ensure they give us the best experience possible. Anyone who attended the Golden Touch Show and the New Years Eve event last night will know the possibilities for this grid are endless. They are doing things in beta that I have not seen on grids that have been running for years. If Beta means Best Experience and Totally Amazing... I agree.
MidnightRain Glas 4 years ago
Love love this place