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A Region full of prim build Houses, Castle, lots of Freebies, Tiki Area, Statues, Medieval, Zombies, Disco, naked bot's, Horror shop, Furniture shop, Podex, and so the list goes on, come visit us and be amazed, our other region is known as snoodle Mega world with larger houses and different items and of course in both worlds everything is Free from johnboy snoodle

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Another new House just added, large rooms, swimming pool and three stories high, and it's FREE just like everything else at snoodle world, come pay a visit and take a good look around both regions, lots and lots of items to grab so enjoy yourselves. Next to one of the shops is a 'like' board, it wou...
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ZWonder 1 months ago
Fantastic! Thank you!
Lori 3 months ago
Excellent collection of items, 99% if not all are free. well done, great to wander and relax as well :)
PowerOfGreen 4 months ago
Really great! enjoyed walking thru and the freebies are great and many are unique! ty :)

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Great region, so many items, if not all are free. Nice houses, easy to get around and lots and lots of nice looking animals to get, if the farm thing is your scene. Well done region. ty
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