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Region that offers over 90 different fun group gifts, hundreds of freebies just free to copy or for sale for 0.... other créations are for sale in Gloebits money…. Feel free to visit it's a 3X3 region with a lot to see…

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Daddysbrain 12 days ago
I saw that :
Bijou added a comment in the region Golden Shopping You'll cry hard, Trust me :-)
12 hours ago…….
Is that a way to act good ?
Are you on Opensimwolrd just for drama ?

Goldenmoon 9 days ago
You are right Daddy, that one is just looking for drama… many put things they have build for sale on grids…. and that is a stupid joke to send me a YouTube link… it shows that person does not know nothing about laws.
Goldenmoon 12 days ago
Lucy said "My eyes hurt. Graphic like 20 years ago. This is so bad, it makes you sick. For that, they also want real money. Just a joke. This region is a complete waste of time." Well no need to hide I Believe Lucy = Scanners with all that hate again…. I just don't know why…. and why you don't mind your business instead of attacking people and pretend you don't like drama…. You are the one who make people sick acting so bad.
scanners 9 days ago
I have enough backbone to make my opinion public. One reason why I also have bad reviews, mostly based on this fact. I do not need Lucy or anyone else for that.
Goldenmoon 12 days ago
AmadeusLust said "Sims like this give Opensim a bad image and DO SCARE newcommers just hope they don't land there! They also try to sell content!!!" well I am very curious …. it seems it is a shame to sell things you have built… omg I don't think I am the only one to sale things and if that guy attacks all the people who put things for sale on grids, well I Don't know when he can find time left to sleep ! … ah ah ah
TansyGreystorm 14 days ago
beautiful work Goldenmoon
Goldenmoon 16 days ago
Those people who hide behind names and do not show any region are acting like cowards sending bad comments to people who even ignore who is attacking them in such a way, and the reason of so much hate…. If you don't like my work, then you don't need to come or to watch my photo I post… Nothing to add to stupid acts .
scanners 9 days ago
There are a lot of people
who have no region themselves .. but
Thinking is a matter of luck for you
Tigerkitti2014 16 days ago
I can see that pretty much everything here has been made by hand. That being said, it is much harder to make beautiful items with only prims. I commend anyone who builds this way. It takes a while to learn it. Insulting someone who is truly putting in an effort is just childish and rude. People need to just learn to be kind and not discourage others from building and learning.
Goldenmoon 16 days ago
Thanks a lot… yes true it takes hours and hours to build every little thing, but it's all home made and unique…. and you can do all with things just built with prims you rezz on the floor ;-)
scanners 21 days ago
I can only warn. You are a rip-off.
Every few months, when the ratings get too bad
do you create a new Opensimworld Beacon!
Again you want real money , for absolutely inferior goods.
sirswaghorse 18 days ago
scanners why dont you and your other theft buddies go back to your stupid grid and shut the hell up if you dont like this place then dont go. and anyways this place is way better. why? because the creator took the time to make there own things instead of stealing like you do scanners. its funny you theft people claim to be against drama yet you always seem to be the ones starting the drama with your petty little posts attacking people who are not giving away stolen sl content like yours scanners. maybe some people just have morals i guess
scanners 9 days ago
I do not do drama, but I'm not silent either.
But see it positively. On this region, I will never copy anything
Goldenmoon 7 days ago
of course you won't … too many people would notice where it comes from and would report you… When it's made by hands it's very personal work so easy to recognise… and too many people know how I build… You would even have difficulties to sell things I just give for free !
But maybe it's the reason why you hate me so much ... because people would not buy things I have built and give for free here.
AmadeusLust 17 days ago
Theft is tax evasion, those who sell in Opensim don't steal from one they steal from everybody! Never ever mention morals Horse!!!
sirswaghorse 16 days ago
They ain't stealing from anyone you just mad cause they ain't giving you handouts maybe get off your lazy ass and work for shit. And as for morals those who steal because it ain't being handed to them clearly have no morals. And since you mention newcomers it's actually not sims like this scaring them away Its all the left that is.
Bijou 12 days ago You'll cry hard, Trust me :-)
EcaterinaTeodoroiu 12 days ago
Selling in Opensim for real money (with any virtual currency) is "Just" a federal crime because of tax evasion. Can be reported here and
sirswaghorse 11 days ago
um its actually not a crime get your facts straight. better yet do your research. selling in opensim is not a federal crime in any way however if you do decide to cash out said earnings on the grid you are on which said creator has the right to do weather the salty thieves like it or not. anyways then said income would become taxable.
DonitoDarkstone 21 days ago
We won't even comment this... You should go to visit a doctor beeing so jaleous needs medical cares !
AnnaSedokova 17 days ago
Yes Donito it's crazy how they still beg money for sandbox trash, LL brainwash was so huge they still think they live in Second Life lol :-)
sirswaghorse 16 days ago
Looks like the crybabys from the Russian grid are coming out of the works to defend there shitty theft practice.
envoy 1 months ago
very good jop bravooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
Goldenmoon 1 months ago
"My eyes hurt. Graphic like 20 years ago. This is so bad, it makes you sick. For that, they also want real money. Just a joke. This region is a complete waste of time."

Thanks a lot Lucy for that nice comment… I just opened my grid one day ago and you start attacking me...

You send me that bad review I Don't desserve… People know how I work and if my places were making people sick as you pretend, then I would not have any visitor and those who come would never come back… By the way if you Don't like my places, just Don't come…
AnnaSedokova 17 days ago
Did you know that many of the things we enjoy in modern society were invented by the Ancient Greeks? 6th Century BC i'm talking about Democracy, you know what FEEDBACK or REVIEW is?
Goldenmoon 17 days ago
Yes I do and most of time old made things stay longuer than new ones that break or have electronic troubles… Old buildings old fashion and hand made are better quality because done with hours of work and heart.

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Yes, sim is old school prims rezed and owner tries to sell stuffs instead of offer them for free But the point is... so what? Who knows about me and sim I build its always higher standart from the average u see at OS. but who am I to tell people which should be or NOT be built at a sim. People has ...
Sims like this give Opensim a bad image and DO SCARE newcommers just hope they don't land there! They also try to sell content!!!
My eyes hurt. Graphic like 20 years ago. This is so bad, it makes you sick. For that, they also want real money. Just a joke. This region is a complete waste of time.
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