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NovemberRain 18 days ago
Adrian Everytime your alts type your reputation grows, you are a well known Opensim OAR reseller as most of us already know, why did't you take your OAR's full of bad mesh captured by Aviworlds and 3DLove to breathgrid? are you selling those under the table and scamming Goldenmoon too?, how much are you asking for this ship there?
Goldenmoon 19 days ago
If our grid was a bad one, nobody would even mention it… think about that
DonitoDarkstone 19 days ago
dont understand why people make so many accounts to add more bad reviews… are they jealous because your grid works good ? oh and now they want people to hide and come with alts … maybe because you've banned them because of their bad attitude… or maybe to try to steal people's work ? BAN them all then
HoneyBaudin 24 days ago
MARTINAdrian posted that bad review :"This is a cyber criminal grid. Never buy here they do Tax Evasion, they pay no taxes so they steal from everybody everywhere! *** Newbie Warning *** Never buy here before you try so many freebie grids in all hypergrid you will find 100 times better and full perms free. If you like this game suppor… "
See how stupid it is when you think of all the money little grid owners spend rl for their grid… and yes Sandboxes are shopping centers with stolen stuff … ahahah people lost brain I think
DonitoDarkstone 24 days ago
yes it shows how stupid those people are talking in such a way… But it seems that they really dont want new ones to go to your grid… Why because it's a real good one ? Should be ;-)
Goldenmoon 1 months ago
Great, seems they forgot to attack the sandbox too with bad reviews… but for how long ?
NovemberRain 1 months ago
you resell in the sandbox the stolen stuff too?
Goldenmoon 1 months ago
That question is just the proof that you talk about places you never went to visit, and people you don't even know rl or on grid….
Roleplayed 1 months ago
Spiteful losers generally resort to this, Goldenmoon, because they have no actual lives themselves.

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