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The Stones
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free homes, houses, group gifts, and more....

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New and free… Helicopter house, with tub and a place to land for your flying machines.
3 months - 0 comments
free homes different sizes
3 months - 0 comments
5 months - 0 comments
more free houses for all visitors
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Goldenmoon 5 months
More free homes for all visitors, oldies, wooden, forest, and others… enjoy ;-)
Goldenmoon 7 months
Most of the freebies are now on Golden Shopping region… But we had to close it for HG visitors… not to have people like NovemberRain and her friends there… many grids have been banned from our too, because they take creators work to put in their grid, for freebies or resell...
Adrian 7 months
why do they make fun with new accounts every day to put bad reviews ? because your grid works marvellously well ? no bad mesh and copyboth that destroy the servor here… one of the most friendly grid for new ones to go… and all free there… for new ones
NovemberRain 7 months
Everytime your alts type your reputation grows, you are a well known Opensim OAR reseller as most of us already know, why did't you take your OAR's full of bad mesh captured by Aviworlds and 3DLove to breathgrid? are you selling those under the table and scamming Goldenmoon too?, how much are you asking for this ship there?
Goldenmoon 7 months
Just think that if our grid was bad, those people would ignore us and pass their way… But no they care about us… want us to give them all for free to put in their shopping mall to increase their own traffic… Why ? because we have good creators here who build all by themself… and our freebies ? You cannot find them on other grid, because they are build on our grid.
DonitoBluestone 7 months
***Warning*** This grid is not safe for newbies. ***Warning*** Older users should never use their main accounts if they teleport here. ***Warning*** Always use some alt account if you want to teleport here!!!
HoneyBaudin 7 months
Some people do many accounts just to add bad review to others…. They want creators to give them their good work for free, even full perms … just to put in their places … They want to "control" all the opensimworld because they think others will go… but then… Believe me nobody acts without any special idea in mind… I think if other grid owners would give up, then you can imagine what they would do and what land prices you would have.. and freebies ? No doubt you would have to pay a lot for few… This is life and people who swear and lie about others, those who have been banned from many many big grids, even Osgrid are just full of hate… Some dont even know how to build, so they use freebies to bring people to their laggy places and to increase traffic… Just have a look at the way they talk and the vocabulary they use about others, you'll know who they are and imagine what they are able to do.

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