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Breath Mall 003
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ONLY 2 free big nice shops left...( 1000 prims allowed), no rent to pay
region is with Gloebits money



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Jim 'The Spider' Moriarty Ignore November Rain, they have headuparseitis. Gorgeous Grid, and wonderful Mall. Enjoyed every second there.
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Goldenmoon 8 months ago
Only 2 more free shops on this Gloebits Mall…. shops are XXL and allows you 1000 prims….
November Rain 10 months ago
Everytime your alts type your reputation grows, you are a well known Opensim OAR reseller as most of us already know, why did't you take your OAR's full of bad mesh captured by Aviworlds and 3DLove to breathgrid? are you selling those under the table and scamming Goldenmoon too?, how much are you asking for this ship there?
DonitoDarkstone 10 months ago
dont understand why people make so many accounts to add more bad reviews… are they jealous because your grid works good ? oh and now they want people to hide and come with alts … maybe because you've banned them because of their bad attitude… or maybe to try to steal people's work ? BAN them all then
Goldenmoon 10 months ago
Just think that if our grid was bad, those people would ignore us and pass their way… But no they care about us… want us to give them all for free to put in their shopping mall to increase their own traffic… Why ? because we have good creators here who build all by themself… and our freebies ? You cannot find them on other grid, because they are build on our grid.
Goldenmoon 11 months ago
look at this :
"Bad products and they still beg money you can find better and free in all grids freebie shops

.... They put bad review even without knowing because they didn't even come here… and the shops there are not done yet !!!
Ignore morons.

Love your Grid, and giving good feedback xx