Twin peaks

Twin peaks
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Welcome Center is at Twin Peaks Region. Welcome to Pacification Grid! Please make yourself at home and take a look around. If you have any questions or need any help, or would just like a tour, please let me or any of the admins know. We are happy to help and/or show you around. You can see who is online in the Welcome Center Office.

Opensim is about sharing, so there are Men & Woman's FREEBIES in the Welcome Office and the Women's Fashion store down from the office from Opensim.

We have a wonderful Grid Club here called The Peacock Club and more clubs on the grid with various venues. Also two grid malls; one freebie mall at welcome and a creators mall around Club Peacock at Sweet Waters Region. We also have a Greedy Park and free games open to all on Saturdays at Twin Peaks Region.

If you make a Pacification Grid avatar, you can have a free ($P0) home for 30 days to check out the grid and make some friends. I can also walk you through that process.

To Entertainers:
We have many new clubs on the Grid with events daily Please contact Xazha Halsey, Manager of Peacock Club, or any Club Owner about djing or singing. There are freebie homes around Event Plaza on World Peace Region.

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