Beverly Hills Rodeo

Beverly Hills Rodeo
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4 months ago

Lovely Mall and Beach.

Beautiful reception area for weddings and events.

Club equipment accessories and clothing.

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MalaniBaller 4 months ago
All you trolls leaving bad reviews on my region I don't care I am to busy creating more content to sell for USD blows you all kisses.This grid sells full permission items that were brought in paid for on second life if you have any questions about the content being sold visit my site links listed below. I wish all people in open sim well and wish people would let grown adults decide what sim they would like to visit.

Our licenses to sell permit us giving certian files for free as stated below!

Terms and conditions:
- Models of this source files or derivatives made from it cannot be sold or given away as Full Permission or be sold as builder's kit at Second Life Marketplace, Second Life inworld, and other virtual grids and similar platforms.
- Model Files and its derivatives made from these files can not be sold as source files on any platforms including Marketplace.
We do not sell mesh bodies we sell clothing only ty!
DonitoDarkstone 4 months ago
Maybe the opensimworld owners should stop people acting as bad as NovemberRain… She attacks people, region, grids, créations and all she can just to have fun… There must be Something wrong with her, really… she does not act like normal people… and most part of time sends review that has non sense… not even sure it's an adult

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Very Nice.
Absolutely stunning! I will be coming here often, very highly recommend this beautiful place!
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