Gallery No.8 and Town Center

Gallery No.8 and Town Center
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Welcome to Michel Peak! Spring is here! We have plenty of fun planned! Roast marshmallows around a campfire. Sit around a cozy fire in the Lodge. The most beautiful designs by Kitely builders have been pulled together here for a fantastic fun world.

Notice something new?: Everything has been expanded and upgraded. Excuse our dust as we build a sustainable Power Station. Want to rent one of our beautiful fully furnished houses in the new territories? Just message me for details! There are now camping areas - in the forest or by the ocean. There are now elecric powered cars! You can get around by boat and even a helicopter!

Running through June (extended) is our 1st Annual Native American Film Festival. Showing in the Beach House Resort is the movie Coyote Waits. A murder mystery? Check it out!

Showing in the Lodge Resort is the movie Dakota 38. Learn about the largest execution in the U.S., learn important history!

And don't forget our monthly concert at The Roving Eye! Now playing: Los Lobos at Tarrytown. Did you know Los Lobos has fantastic concert posters. You will find a collection of 12 very nicely priced at The Roving Eye! Invite your friends and have a party!

Enjoy Dinner at the Lodge!

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