Vienna Freebies

Vienna Freebies
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The News home of the famous Vienna Freebies
Everything you can see here you can copy. If you find anything that is not copy, inform one of the admins.
Mostly you will find anything outside, from fences, mesh gras, houses furnished and unfurnished, trees, flowers, but you will not find any clothes at all normaly

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Trees, Grass, Plants everything you want
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***** Vienna Freebies. Free Freebies and Fullperm Resellers
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LillyRutherton 36 minutes ago
Make houses copy in a box. Please?
LillyRutherton 39 minutes ago
Love the place but could not get full copes of homes. I looked for boxes but could not find. Beautiful homes. Just breathtaking. Where can I get copies please?
Tomtom 10 hours ago
well you can see nice things thats for sure but if you ask for a special item that they forgot to "put on sale(copy)" , they not even know where the item is located. I asked twice ,made pictures where it is located but no reaction from them! A no go. " If you find anything that is not copy, inform one of the admins. It is said" Hahaha i did more than once and get no reply!!
Und hier noch einmal in deutsch, weil ich mich da besser ausdrücken kann.. Eine "stuff" box war nicht zum "verkauf" freigegeben und ich habe 2x nachgefragt ob man die nicht auf copy setzten könnte. Eine Antwort von Mickie Bohannes war, man wüsste nicht wo sich die box genau befindet..ich machte dann Bilder wo sich diese Box befindet erfolgte keine Reaktion mehr! Also für mich ein No Go. Wenn man auf Dinge aufmerksam macht, die nicht in Ordnung sind bekommt man keine Antwort mehr.Ganz klasse! Geht gar nicht!
Wie war das noch ? " If you find anything that is not copy, inform one of the admins." hahahaha
Kubwa 7 hours ago
Holy shit, the german OpenSim community seems to be super picky. Oh, you havent got an object for free you wanted to get. Oh my godness, the world, as we know it, has ended.
scherzbold 2 days ago
Happy Hour Started

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Wonderful freebies. Thank you!!!
Beautiful Items. I just wish the homes were copy in a box. They are gorgeous!!!!
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