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Power of Green

Power of Green
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2 months ago

Freebie shopping in wonderful Victorian area. Lots of freebies I just put in most of the Victorian in boxes I've found from all over and also tons and tons of FAIRY AND MEDIEVAL from all over the metaverse. Sharing is Caring! Enjoy! LOOK FOR SISTER REGION "CORANA" FOR MEDIEVAL, VIKING AND FAIRY under construction

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Lovely wild Victorian gardens going in
2 months ago - 1 comments
Building more Medieval in Corana my region next door. Meantime more freebies going in today and tomrrow. woot hugzzzzzzzzz
2 months ago - 0 comments
More Steampunk going in. Have a Warehouses skybox with lots of goodies. Still building but you will find much more than yesterday lol Enjoy! Sharing is Caring
2 months ago - 0 comments
VICTORIAN CLUB UP STEAMPUNK GUESTS IN AND DANCING ALREADY! woot Its a Custom Steampunk Dance Floor and ball by Steampunk Sioux and is open for copy thanks to her! totally original NPCs :)
2 months ago - 1 comments

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SteampunkSiouxsin 27 days ago
Great! u always have the best builds.
MsCaladium 2 months ago
well done Green!
PowerOfGreen 2 months ago
PowerOfGreen 2 months ago
Still building so a lot more will come out Im trying to get done today, but it's taking awhile so keep checking back next week too hugzzzzzzzzzz

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Power I love your place. It is beautiful!
Very nice place ty so much for sharing
Lovely place! I really like Victorian sims and this one is so nostalgic of my home town, with the Victorian terraced houses and shops.
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