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Home to Monentes Jewelry - All jewelry created exclusively by Marianna Monentes using advanced CAD software.

We also have a little mall overlooking Sunrise Cove with these shops:

Shabby Seas free shabby chic furniture
Seaside Gift Shop free nautical items
R & R Refined free Ruth and Roth items
Monentes Jewelry free and commercial

** During the 1800's pirates looted a ship full of jewels just north of Sunrise Cove. Most of the jewels tumbled to the sea floor where they wash up along the shores of Sunrise Cove. You will find seashells, some have jewels hidden inside. The shells change as the tide changes, taking away the old and leaving new shells.

Monentes Jewelry just got real

Sunrise Cove seafloor has been landscaped with beautiful sea plants and fish. Come explore the beautiful cove located at Sierra Sonnet in Kitely. Seashells wash ashore with hidden jewels inside, the jewels change with the tides.

We wish you love this Christmastime...keep those you love close, and let them know.

I finally had a chance to stop by Shandon Loring's Christmas Island! I had a great evening of ice skating.

She sells seashells by the seashore...the tide rolls in. Sunrise Cove is where to escape to when the cold sends a shiver down the spine. The seashells along the seashore are free to copy some contain jewels hidden inside. Looting pirates lost their stash of jewels on the seafloor, some now wash up at the Cove. As the tide changes, so do the shells.
We have a few cottages for rent "Free" long or short term stay. Furnished - but we allow you to decorate your cottage. All cottages have a breathtaking view of the cliffs and ocean. At Sunrise cove we offer, surfing, windsurfing, dancing, zen meditation and shopping. If interested please contact me in-world to reserve your stay.
Trey Magnifique checking on his yaks. He is settling into his new cave dwelling at Sierra Sonnet. He calls it his "Cave Bungalow" it has an awesome mirrored dance floor for those who care to dance in a cool rock outcropping, please stop by.

I created a Monentes Jewelry group where I will be posting any future news about new jewelry, sales and giveaways. Please join if you would like to stay informed

When you stroll the beach at the Sunrise Cove-Sierra Sonnet region look for shells along the shores some include jewelry and other gifts. The shells are free to copy. The gifts and shells will change each week, so make sure you come by and look for shells. There will be new and also discontinued jewelry.
Abandoned-Western Ghost Town-Visit a once bustling western town. Tumbleweeds blow by as you walk the dusty roads. There is a General Mercantile here with free western items collected. If you are in need of Western Line Dancing please feel free to take a copy in the barn. If you need help please ask.

Reyn Softly's Rock Henge newest addition to Sierra Sonnet. Our open air dance pavilion. Please stop by anytime, all are welcome

There is a little cove in Kitely known for it's warm sandy beaches and stunning morning sunrises. A place where you can stroll the beach looking for sand dollars or visit the shops on the bluff. There is a Seaside Gift Shop where you will find nautical items, Coconut Moon has bikinis, R & R Refined shop for Ruth and Roth supplies, Shabby Seas a shabby chic furniture shop and a little pub serving great morning coffees too. Next time you are in the mood for cool ocean breezes and stunning sunrises, please stop by.
At Sierra Sonnet you will find an "Abandoned" western town. There is a General Mercantile where you will find "free" western supplies that we have collected from around the metaverse. We will be adding more as we find new items, all are welcome here. Check out the cool locomotive I just uploaded.
Monentes Jewelry main store @ Sierra Sonnet thank you Hyacinth Jewell for the very cute frogs :) The remodel is complete now, there is new jewelry with a few free items around the store. I will be adding more each day, please stop by and say hello :)

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Destiny257Seranade 5 months ago
Thank you Marianna for helping me out! Also ty for such beautiful jewelry! You are a very kind and generous lady! Thanks for the sharing and caring! Big hugs!
Marianna Monentes 5 months ago
Thank you Destiny, I really loved how you loved that Wedding Rose ring. When I made that, I kept the roses natural and not gold or platinum I was a bit unsure at first, thank you for loving that ring :) Please stop by anytime!
Karmalot Queen Karma 6 months ago
I agree that your jewelry is some of the finest thank you.
Marianna Monentes 6 months ago
Thank you QK ;)
Niketa Amly 6 months ago
YAY! I am so glad to see you back. You have the best jewelry. Welcome back!!!
Marianna Monentes 6 months ago
Hugs you! It is NICE to be back!! I will be creating new items soon, please stop by anytime!