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Revolution, the shopping center entirely dedicated to women's clothing
The entrance is for women only!

Revolution has a new shop, it is open to all, welcome and have fun with you

NEW !!! A REvolution outfit with hud, NEW !!!
SIM OPEN .And many more dresses for women, have fun and share!

A REvolution, sexy lingerie for you, Have fun and share

A REvolution, formal suit two versions, NEW !!! Have fun and share

A REvolution, outfit hud, NEW !!! Have fun and share

A REvolution, formal dress with hud, NEW !!!
Have fun and share

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thedeeferry Awesome! My new ¨go to¨ closet. Yay!

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edo 14 days ago
because you are greedy, and want everything immediately
Faery Squirrel 14 days ago
I like what I see. Shame about the one item per day. For a serious shop-a-holic such as myself... it's a bit disappointing. But some really nice clothing here.
Niketa Amly 15 days ago
Might be a new shop. Nice things. But it will only let you take ONE item per visit.
GiuliaElton_ 15 days ago
Revolution has a new shop, it is open to all, welcome and have fun with you
GiuliaElton_ 2 months ago
GiuliaElton_ 2 months ago
lunastormfeather I have already answered this question, nobody is entering, I'm working on it, maintenance, as soon as the sim is ready to let you know, read what I write, before complaining !!!
lunastormfeather 2 months ago
Foreign users not allowed? Perhaps you shouldn't advertise on the directory.
edo 2 months ago
any foreigner is admitted , only you are not admitted!
GiuliaElton_ 2 months ago
Whippin, read, there is Sylvia who has understood well and thanked me, but you have also read well, if then there is something that you don't understand, ask yourself, I'll explain to you the thing you don't understand! ...... (GiuliaElton_ 20d
I apologize for the inconvenience, as soon as possible the sim will be open, I will send notice, thank you)
Whippin 2 months ago
GiuliaElton_ 21d
I apologize to you all, the sim is being serviced by tomorrow it will all be solved Actually that is what i had read. Never read anything about maintenance. Sorry for my misunderstanding. good luck with your grid.
edo 2 months ago
for all those who offend, break the balls, they will be banned, Merry Christmas!