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GiuliaElton_ posted 28d by GiuliaElton_


still other wonderful women's clothes just exposed
edonet 23d
I assume you are looking for someone to annoy
I'm sorry, but your intervention is useless.
because nobody asked you something.
I'll give you another tip,
you waste time here, ride elsewhere lol
“True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.” – Socrates Now see this Take lessons or make drama with it :-)
edonet 22d
Have you ever thought that anyone wants to do what they like?
learn to know this, then you can interfere too
I teach you something, true knowledge is not to bother others...
edonet 23d
no panic, I simply replied, where's the problem? ,
then talking about old people, I'll give you a tip,
don't misunderstand someone who answers, for every question a response is born.

I talked about non-marketing gaming.
another thing..

I'm not gay, I like pussy!! :))
alesandro 23d
do LOW ARC uploads stop you of being a pussy lover ?
alesandro 23d
my sweetie edonet ♥♥♥....opensim has uploaders, users and haters ......Lyudmila gave you an advise assuming you are an uploader ... listening the old old ones is an asset in your inventory not get panicked each time you have a comment ... sometimes think positive ...kiss you much :-*
edonet 23d
opensim is a server that everyone can use,

you have to understand that these problems are everywhere, then here you play does not sell anything and do not buy, everything is free, if this grid is slow for you do not go there, simple right?

Low ARC = Good, better, less lag
High ARC = Bad, Lag, Slow, problems for all

Opensim is not your grid is everywhere your residents can go
Your problem becomes everybody grids problem
edonet 23d
for the moment there is no problem of loading, because the packages are not yet open :)
so you can't have this problem,
as for loading, the problem lies between one grid and another, how the server is managed,
but here they have always loaded everyone :)
edonet 24d
put it all, 2010, 2020 no matter what, everything you find puts hahahaha ...
Only problem is Athena cloths older than October 2017 were not uploaded in Low ARC those who buy that will lag all others around. Most of the boxes i see in the pictures are very old stuff. Be sure you distribute 2018 and 2019 content, it's better for all.
all ready, vast assortment for women