MainLand04 2000x2000y

MainLand04 2000x2000y
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Pagane 4d
Nice region but extremaly laggy and full with bot's...
ther is no bots here and no lag. my friends play local users have 0 lag meby you sud chack your system and if it's hardware updated with today's standard's we dont prim-build..
Nicely built region. But disappointed I couldn't drive a car. Nothing was for sale. Very laggy.
wen i woke up i nodes lag and sql errors becos of 1 user from digiworldz idk what she did but normaly this grid dosnt behave like this seems like she tryt to copy somting this is waird becos noning is set to have promision to copy becos kohaku is not a store this is just a place for my friends and my self to build and have fun at it seems liek what ever she did crasht sql and the bullet pgysics engin crasht a fiew tiems to at the time never seen this happen before in console so im sorry for your bad exerince kohaku normly is not this lagy this persone seems to have trigert more errors than i have seen in years.
oopsee 9d
whoa such a yummy place !!
thankyou happy you like it ^.^
Merllin 10d
i like place with cars
thanks happy you like the cars ^.^

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Only OpenSim allows such enormous places, but this place it's at human size scale, something out of common in beauty and quality. Outstanding and impressive place, a must visit to all of us.
IMPRESSED !!! Amazing cityscape of urban region
i like kuhaku opensim place with cars
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