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Equinox Grid. Main Landing Point, Welcome Center and main hangout for Equinox Grid. The entire grid is Adult rated, therefore children and child avatars are not permitted anywhere within Equinox Grid. Please excuse the mess, this grid is still under construction.

Tuesday, October 13th, at 3pm SLT/PDT/GT, Minniva covers and originals will be played at Club Equinox. Minniva, a group of four ladies, includes our latex Boy-Girl as the lead singer.

Coming to Equinox Grid: Risque Studios by Alyssa Tease.

Equinox Grid. Visit Club Equinox, EQG Mall, EQG Steampunk Festival, EQG Memorial Island, and more.

EQG Memorial Island now accepting any Remembrances. Not grid specific or limited.

We must say goodbye to She-Male, passed 3 Sep 2020.

Happy Birthday Cataplexia !!!

EquinoxGrid - Crash the Sim Party
Where: EQG Welcome Hub
When: 11 months ago [23 Nov 2019 15:00 SLT]

Not our Open House, yet. I would like to try to test the capabilities of this server and HG Standalone, before I grid it. Starting at 3pm grid time with DJ Becca DJ'ing grid wide. Explore the soon to be new grid. WARNING - I wanna stress test this server, it may get bad, like flashbacks to OSFest! Bring It !!

A constant within seasons of change.

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