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Bordello is open to visit and use for everyone who find ADULT land with open access...
Freedom is the only law of this land!

But even this needs explanation and understanding.
Understanding that sex is a role-playing game for adults in which everyone share all without compulsion and for total pleasure.

Entering here you confirm that:
1. You, as a person, are adult acording to laws in your own country! You must properly understand that high is not measure for this - 2,80m high avatar not known adult, and 1,50m tiny avatar is not kid. If you not understand me then you is not adult and better leave!
2. Exclude any jealousy, possession, shame,shy, taboo, moral or family relation and open mind to share the pleasure.
....... Read carefully rules, and if not like, you is free to leave.

If you is rated as "non adult" or you does not comply rules - you will be banned!
Adult means adult in the real world and there are no exceptions.
It's an adult-only network and all children disguised as adult avatars will be banned immediately.
Bordello is NOT call girls service! No staff here. You are both visitors and "staff".
Grid is non commercial. I am NOT accepting residents and will NOT accept. Not sale and not buy nothing.


Garage sale!

Unique stuff from Pagane.


I find problem and repair...alone.
Thanks to all who i pray for help and they pretend not to see me.


One of many spaces for your party: White Cygnet Ship...

Take a good look at these two ladies and if you still do not understand that an adult does not mean 2.50 m in height or 100 kg of fat, then you really are not yet an adult and have no job in Bordello!
And never ask me the dumb question of how old or how tall you should be! The numbers have absolutely nothing to do with the term adult!
Many 8 year olds are smarter and more advanced than some 80 year old sectarian activists!

Bordello region have and many nice spots for private party...

Ops... game say - you not have access to this region because...

Bordello is strictly adult region and if your grid have some limitations then you will cannot enter here.
If you not have full adult access guaranded from your grid i will not help you to break rules!

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Lilith 8 months ago
nice and spacious place