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From The Owner of kohakuGrid To (Rendome Hypergrid User's)

we don't need grid drama here what ever other grids do i can not care less.
KohakuGrid is a hoby server and it is its own world
it is using the opensimulator platform but it is not part of what ever grid you come from.
it's not a company and we don't deal professionally.
it's a friendly grid to the 1ns that treat it with respect.
And it's always open to new local users
but respect needs to be earned both sides kohakugrid is not a business trust is key to a healty comunety.
and i like to keep KohakuGrid healty and fun for the 1ns that support it.


- Questions and answers on the subject's that Rendome Hypergrid User's ask too many times -

1.Question: can i get access to store region's
answer: No

2.Question: wy cant i copy items here?
answer: because i don't know you and i am done with supporting a bagstabing community with my item's and work.
i'm here to have fun and do my own thing's im not here to support your greed or need's
i share my items with and this is the only grid i my self support.

3.Question:wy did you register to
my grid is registerd for my local user's and my friends over hypergrid.


(please note)
that only local accounts/user's are allowed to have kid's/teen's shaped avatars
we wish to keep eyes on rollplay and behavior of the kid's/teen's size rollplay community.
sins it's difficult to protect and avoid hypergrid user's with bad intensions related to kid's/teen's
avatar's and mis use this
we dont aloud hypergrid user's to use kid's/teen's avatar's
if you ignore this u wil ged a immediately permanent ban.


-Inported Info-
-Host Details-
1.Host: EU
2.Region:The Nederlands
-Server Details-
1.Core: Opensim 9.1.1
2.Script Engine: X Script
3.Physics Engine: Bullet
Grid Status:

We do more than just opensimulator.
Want to see more projects?
chack WebSite:
YT Page:

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Roland Francis This home hosted grid may be demanding on your patience, but when you do invest a bit of that precious time of yours, you're in for a treat. Kohaku land is in my opinion one of the most exquisite city scapes of original creations that can be found in the HG. With her passion for vehicles, Amber has...

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