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Gayven Village is a HOSTILE RETIREMENT COMMUNITY for mean, callous, rotten old queens! While any open minded adult has the ability to enter, be advised that YOU WILL encounter less than friendly inhabitants, the residents and staff are RUDE! The food is terrible and so is the service. If you desire a miserable day, then this is the place to be!

This region contains EXPLICIT content. ADULT HUMANS ONLY. Child avatars go to day care, animals go to the ZOO, tinies go to fairy land... Capisce? CHILD GATE software scans all avatars and removes anyone with child-like attributes.

ONLY THE LANDING ZONE IS PUBLIC: Visitors who bypass the teleport system to enter homesteads without invitation will be PUBLICLY HUMILIATED prior to being ejected. THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING.

OSGrid denies entry to grids known for malicious and/or illegal activities. There is nothing we can do to remedy this. Create a FREE OSgrid avatar if you absolutely MUST enter this region. Rest assured, it is NOT worth the effort!

Every attempt is made to keep our simulation operational at all times but there is one variable we all must contend with... Opensimulator software is EXPERIMENTAL, issues can happen suddenly and unexpectedly.

Opensim is FREE - Servers and Resources ARE NOT - Grid Operators and Content Creators need your support!

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Meowzah Dilapidated rusty rundown poop hole covered in goblin vomit and slop festering in bubbling pits of sewage. Outdated medications, home health aids, and a man eating alligator litter the sim causing a hazard for passersby, otherwise its a nice enough place...good chats, talkative NPCs including 2 bir...
Chappie "He made me stand up on that carpet. I kept waiting for a seat to rez and some safety bars to lock me in. I'm afraid of heights and get sick and dizzy if I get tossed around a lot. I hope nobody was on the ground because I tossed my breakfast over the side. Put some seats on the thing, would y...
Kyrelorsini I saw *all* of my past lives flash before my eyes on that rollercoaster .. and then it started moving.

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