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AMV Welcome
Alternate Metaverse
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Welcome Area, Lounge & Starting Point for Alternate Metaverse Grid. A warm friendly Adult grid with open waters and Air, Copy your own OAR from website, low cost land packages, Self restarts from web

An evening of sultry sexy & romantic music under the stars at Treble Clef's L.I.T.S. Lounge! DJ Cataplexia will warm you up with some of her favorite slow dance songs, then Zoree Jupiter will be gently stroking your senses with her incredible live performance!
Beginning @ 2pm!
Dress is Semi Formal to Formal

AMV Radio will be broadcasting LIVE on Location!

Map Us Clef (202, 105, 22)

Alternate Metaverse Grid welcomes YOU with 2 FREE WEEKS!
Where: AMV Welcome
When: 18 days ago [13 Nov 2020 18:00 SLT]

We open our doors wide to you! Come check out this grid which has become a Mecca of Live Music with Amazing performers & DJs, Great Clubs with music of multiple genres, 4 major shopping malls: AMV Freebies Mall, Occasions Mall, Old World Mall & Tuscany Mall. Hundreds of regions and over 800 Registered users since December! Find out what all the excitement is about at Alternate Metaverse Grid! Come meet our helpful and supportive staff and some VERY happy residents! Explore our regions and maybe buy one for yourself at some of the lowest prices in OpenSim! With great security & stability, personal customer service AND- TWO WEEKS FREE you can't go wrong!

AMV Grid Summer Concert Series - Rogue Galaxy LIVE 1pm Mondays

Alternate Metaverse Summer Concert Series begins with a Live Performance by Rogue Galaxy at our Summer Concert Stage - 1 PM Grid Time / PDT on Mondays @ AMV Events, Alternate Metaverse Grid. Soak in the sun while dancing to the incredible Rogue Galaxy's Blues vocals - an unforgettable voice, an incredible event!

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OrbEmerald A comfortable place with a thriving community... where we can be the best that we can be. Thanks to Cat & Cliff and all the wonderful people that make this grid so amazing =)
Jimmy Olsen Nice friendly grid owners, always eager to help me (support) when I needed them,
Rogue Galaxy This is a great grid! I love it there! I've had events that were awesome and non0laggy.. Kudos to the virtual team who keeps things running smoothly! Great people, friendly & welcoming.

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Hercules_Kingston 17 days ago
A cult-like following that worships Pussy Digits, the most shameless self promoter of Virtual Worlds.
Alobo 2 months ago
Wonderful place and awesome people. Thank you Orb and Ricky for the invite.
RickyMaya 3 months ago
Cool is the rule, here. Take it all in, it's worth seeing.
OrbEmerald 3 months ago
Alternate MetaVerse grid is outstanding in it's leadership and community. We're so happy here and we very much want to support this thriving place in OpenSim. Please stop in soon to see what we're talking about. It's worth exploring!