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Headquarters of the Virtual-HG Magazine

Virtual-HG October issue is available @ In this issue please find Grid Showcase CreaNovale. Dabici and Kelso create with amazing attention to detail, CreaNovale is the place to be during fall... please also read about Kayaker Magic creative thinker who brings opensim Magic...there is also Poetry by Major John Sheppard. Please stop by anytime
Virtual-HG featured the poetry of John Sheppard in our October edition. John's work is captivating. We love to feature poets and art, if you would like to share your work with the opensim community, please email at to be featured. Please pick up your copy of Virtual-HG please read John's poetry.

Please read about CreaNovale in the latest Virtual-HG, this is the place to be during fall. Pick up your copy of the magazine here

**We published!!** Please pick up your copy at several


Journey of Tiers pt. 4

Exclusive Interview - Kayaker Magic

Grid Showcase - CreaNovale

From the desk of - LMB review

Edgar Allan Poe's Raven

Poetry by Major @John Sheppard

October edition will be published Oct. 1st
In this issue please find
Exclusive Interview Kayaker Magic
Journey of Tiers fourth chapter
From the desk of...LMB by Hyacinth

I am finally home again. Evacuated due to the Creek fire in the Sierras near Shaver Lake. My home survived, and am okay now that I am home. Much of my area where I spent my childhood perished in the fire. So thankful for my friends, it is nice to be home again. Virtual-HG will publish on schedule Oct. 1st
Grid Owners please consider adding a Virtual-HG magazine kiosk on your grid. We feature not only continuum grid news, we focus on metaverse news too. We would also love to feature your grid too. We have free and full perms media kits at the Virtual-HG headquarters. We love promoting you, come share with us news about your grid, there is a mailbox where you can drop off your information on a notecard.

The September issue of the Virtual-HG magazine has published! Please find your magazine at the Virtual-HG headquarters

Virtual-HG magazine is right on schedule and will be available September 1st
In this issue please find:
Journey of Tiers
Region Showcase-Wonders of the Jungle
Dear Reyn
Exclusive Interview -Vbinnia Radek
Opensim Fest
From the Desk of-Firestorm EEP

Please look for the September issue published September 1st

EEP enabled skies at Virtual_HG region. Soon all the skies at will be EEP enabled, thank you Ferd for making that possible.

Enjoying coffee with friends, please stop by anytime. Let's chat about your projects.

Please update your LM there was a region location change 🙂 One morning the ini file was missing from Region settings. New region was created on new region. Thank you for your continued support!
Virtual_HG region has a coffee shop called Virtual Grind, we have mugs hanging for all our friends. Please stop by and chat about your latest projects, we would love to feature you in Virtual HG magazine.
Please pick up your copy of Virtual-HG August 2020 at
In this issue please find:
Exclusive Interview : Fred Beckhusen
Journey of Tiers : Part 2
Region Showcase : Soul
From the desk of : Opensim Surfing History
Fall will soon be upon us, and with that in mind I thought it would be great to feature cool and ghoulish poetry for our October issue of Virtual-HG, in order to be in the magazine on time we would need poetry submitted by September 10th to be included. This gives you a month to toss around those spooky thoughts
We would like to thank everyone for stopping by and picking up the Virtual-HG August magazine. Also thank you for the articles coming in, it is much appreciated. Please remember articles and ads are due by August 15th to be included in the September magazine which will be published Sept. 1st, 2020. please submit ads and articles to: or stop by the Headquarters and drop a note in our mailbox
Our August issue is right on schedule and will publish August 1st, 2020
For our next edition out September 1st, 2020 it is advisable to send in your ads and articles early. Late ads and articles end up in the last pages of the magazine. Please submit no later than August 15th.

What to look for in the next issue:
Exclusive Interview : Fred Beckhusen
Journey of Tiers : Part 2
Region Showcase : Soul
From the desk of : Opensim Surfing History
Virtual-HG will be publishing the next magazine August 1st. If you would like your ad or article included in the next edition please submit no later than July 23, 2020 to We appreciate all the positive feedback we have been getting, thank you sincerely for your support ❤
We want to thank everyone who stopped by. We had such positive feedback thank you. We have decided to publish more often with no set time frame. Whenever we feel there is enough content to share, we will publish. Please make sure to submit your articles and ads at the Mailbox on our Virtual-HG region-keep that news happening!
Our Virtual-HG Magazine headquarters is now open and welcoming you to come share your region news with us so that your region can be featured in our next edition. We are now open, please swing by when you are free.


We are adding the final details to our region for our opening on Thursday, July 9th. We hope you find the time to stop by and see our new office.


You may now read the Exclusive:Betty Fashion Lover article here
Image taken by Betty Fashion Lover

Virtual-HG Office Warming
Where: Virtual_HG
When: 3 months ago [9 Jul 2020 17:00 SLT]

Virtual-HG Magazine is having an Office Warming party and you are all invited
Virtual-HG Magazine, Virtual-HG (66, 91, 36) - Adult @

We are also establishing our little coffee shop "Virtual Grind" located next to Virtual-HG headquarters. We will be having morning coffee catching up the current news. If you would like your latest information published, swing by the coffee shop and let's chat. We will be opening the region July 9th all day for viewing, with an office warming party to follow at 5PM PDT-Please stop by if you are free.
Our Virtual-HG Headquarters will be open for viewing July 9th with an Office Warming party at 5 PM-You are all invited to come and celebrate the opening of our new Virtual-HG "Magazine" Headquarters-We are building now with access disabled until July 9th. We look forward to seeing you then ;)

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Johnny Very nice. Love how you set the background to make it look MUCH LARGER to. Nice effect! :)
Passion Jumanji Very lovely place Marianna! ;) TY for the invite and all the help and encouragement! Will see you again soon sometime! ;) God Bless & Huggelz! Sprinkles Fairy Dust of Blessings Upon you and your grid! ;)

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