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Wolf Mountain
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Wolf Territories Grid is not like your normal Grid, Over 700 1024x1024 regions joined together, that's about 728 km. A working Casino, rivers, mountains, trains. Space for you to live, build and enjoy OpenSim on our lightning-fast servers.

Rent a region in our huge ocean for only $24.99 a month (1024x1024, 80000 prims).

and smaller parcels at $4.99 per month.

Grid Tech Specs

10 Servers, 60gb ram 10 cores 2tb SSD each
Over one Petabyte of Asset storage (expandable without taking the grid offline) - So if you want to upload your 500gb oar file...come on over.
11 Robust servers load balanced

DId you know, Wolf Territories Grid is the equivalent of 11600 Second LIfe 256x256 regions joined together? This would cost $2,633,500 per month over there.

OpenSimUser: Only thing missing are some random wild flowers, to make it picture perfect. 10 hours ago

Live music now at our Mountain top venue.

Remy Live
Where: Wolf Mountain
When: 2 days ago [22 May 2022 12:00 SLT]

Remy Playing Live, Great singer.

Wolf Territories Grid, where I suddenly became popular.

Gin Leeder: i think Wolf is one of the best grid for quality, friendship and hospitality, technically well done thanks to Lone's excellent skills! i love Wolf Territories! 10 days ago

Lone with the wolves

Just one of our towns in the over 700 sq KM of land/regions/water. I have some forest and island plots available for $4.99 a month or rent whole 1024x1024 (4x4) regions for $24.99 a month (discount if you rent more regions). (The smoke is from a train)

New logo.

Rogue Galaxy: ohhhhhh I LOVE THE NEW LOGO!!!! 21 days ago

View from the castle grounds to Wolf Mountain, you can get a ski lift ride down to the castle from our welcome area.

Wolf Territories Grid, just one of our Canyons to explore

Demonstrating running 10 (I actually run 11 but show you 10) Robust servers at once.




Charlene McNally: Looks good, I tried to look up your website and all I can find is just Diva website, I figured with 10 servers you would have a website up. 26 days ago

Welcome to Wolf Territories Grid. Start your journey round over 720 1024x1024 regions. Maybe rent one!

Joe Builder: Very Nice :) You building Rome. 27 days ago

Grid Gotchas https://youtu.be/GEYCyxoinGY

Marianna : I was unable to reply to Luna it said the comments were maxed out so I will just close my comments by saying this, if it is viewed on a PC it can be copied, regardless if it is a grid running on a hom... 29 days ago

Load Balancing Robust Servers


How to put a cat on the map - turning a photo into a terrain.


Destiny257Seranade: Lone that is really cool! 29 days ago

Well, I wonder what Lone Wolf is working on here. 4x1024 regions in our 724 1024 region connected area?

Luna Lunaria: Whoa....that looks like the map from Lord of the Rings 1 month ago

Our new ski lift you can ride down to the castle from the welcome area.

Lilith: nice place 1 month ago

Video about land, regions and estates.


Welcome area moved to Wolf Mountain

Jimmy Olsen: Furball are u going to provide us an oxygen mask? llol 1 month ago

Easter Treasure hunt the first person to find the Treasure of the Pheonix and buy the Treasure and show to Lone Wolf gets 1000 Globits!

(You might need a boat)

Sunday, April 17th,
-The Lucky Dragon Casino @ Wolf Territories-
11:00am-12:00pm DJ Illusions
12:00-2:00pm-First time Remy Farman & Zoree Jupiter:
Live, Solo and Dual Stream Performances
All casino games are working!
Formal Attire!
Come join us for the music, try your luck and explore this beautiful new sim!!https://opensimworld.com/hop/88345

For when Lone is doing server stuff. A Convenient parking space.

How Wolf Grid Territories Grid uses Object Storage for our assets.


Moon rises over Wolf Dock.

Tropical illusions.

Symphony: Super 1 month ago

Another new shop owner in the town. Trinity does landscaping!

Good morning Wolf Territories.

Our town has doubled in size due to demand! If you rent land from us (we have small island properties, town properties up to 4x4 regions.) You can get a free shop in the town - creators why not get a satellite store? Offices are available as well.

Event starting now https://opensimworld.com/hop/88228 For Ukraine!

Alternative Logo.

Hi everyone
The new firestorm I upgraded to (I'm On Linux)
After the upgrade performance was bad. I then discovered over 200GB (that's huge) of log files and other virtual world junk.

Note that this will delete all your settings so make sure you know what your password is.
So I closed down Firestorm

Removed the folder .firestorm_x64 from my home folder

I had to re-enter all my grid and login details and now the performance is back up to normal.

I think apple is the same I don't know where windows firestorm stores it's files.


Snow party area.

Rogue Galaxy: beautiful 2 months ago

Wolfred posing.

Lone and Wolfred at the dock.

Stonehenge, if you can find it.

Tempo Launch Party!
Where: Wolf Mountain
When: 2 months ago [27 Mar 2022 12:00 SLT]


You are invited to the Grand Opening of Tempo Park Plaza!

This Sultry Sunday, Peace & Love Event is in honour of the people of Ukraine!

Get on your best black-tie suits and gowns and come join us for a magnificent
event featuring some of the virtual world's greatest performers!


12:00pm - Zoree Jupiter - (Grid Singer/Performer)

1:00pm - Marqs Desade - (RL & SL Singer/Songwriter)

2:00pm - Mavenn - (SL Blues Singer/Performer)

Everyone welcome to come and share some love, light and peace to Ukraine!

MAP: grid.wolfterritories.org:8002:Tempo

I changed the water height map and gave the water more reflectiveness. HEre's the sun coming up over Wolf Dock.

More of our new EEP settings.

Watching the sun go down.

Misty_Falls: sweet !! 2 months ago
Tropical Illusions Opening
Where: Wolf Mountain
When: 2 months ago [26 Mar 2022 11:00 SLT]

Tropical Illusions Opening at the Sound of Eden Club

Our latest artist Symphony Vive is showing off some of her amazing art! Check out the gallery on the destination guide!

Get started here, then explore and explore.

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shallow waves Guys you really need to check Wolf territories out i am the Entertainments Manager there and the Grid is amazing Lone has spent many hours on the grid its his own, Its very professional, There are castles,Pirate Area, plenty of venues, pubs, amazing mountains, go on a train ride and enjoy the surro...
Luna Lunaria Took a trip to Wolf territories tonight and had a blast exploring. The place is so huge I finally got out the X-Wing and toured in style. It sure was fun zipping across a hundred regions. Most of the sim crossings were smooth until I got out to the eastern ocean where I my ship finally threw me out,...
Brabbits Keep going! It's a huge project but this really could take off in a big way!! Good fun, a vast land.

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