Wolf Territories

Wolf Territories
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Wolf Territories is 64 4x4 regions (1024 sims) of Trains, Nature, Towns, a National Park. Probably one of the largest areas in OpenSim.

Wolf Territories map. 2048 sims. 128 4x4 regions to explore

Our new server goes online in the next 24 hours we will be up to 2048 sims, 128 4x4 regions. Come and vIsit!

Lone Wolf out on one of his boats

Dolphin Island

Changed mansion front and added roofs

More work on the mansion .

Boat complete. (Working) got a mesh model and worked on it and scripted it.

Afternoon Drinks

New trees

Wolf Mansion under construction

New Office

New furniture for the drawing room.

Bay windows from the outside. Making it look more like a house.

Created my bay windows - Mesh cushions, curtains and window frames.


New Home Picture hours of creation of Mesh windows and doors

The new home I'm working on.

Lone Wolf's home.

View from Wolf Territories Lighthouse into the port.

This could be your home. contact Lone Wolf for more info.

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Marianna Impeccable details here, amazing textures. When I visited the Grand Ballroom I felt as though I was visiting a RL Ballroom. I have never seen textures applied this beautifully wow, not only the selection of the textures, but also they are expertly applied, well done!!
Frank Hurt Still under construction as of the time of this review, it's nevertheless worth visiting and landmarking. Lone Wolf and his team of cowboys and Indians are thinking BIG with this place. When I say "big" I mean massive: 512 contiguous regions ranging from ocean and navigable rivers to fields and past...

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