Angel Beach Estates

Angel Beach Estates
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Brand new VAR featuring beautifully landscaped homes, no two alike, in a seaside community setting. Clan's Band lives here, and now you can too! Limited availability, come join the clan and meet your new neighbors! Adult avatars only please. See Midnightrain Glas for leasing options! All proceeds go to keep our musicians fed :) See this page for leasing pricing, as low as $5 per month for all this beauty!

Join us today at 1PM at RainO's home/studio in Angel Beach Estates as we celebrate RainO's 11 years in OSGrid. DJ Clan will be spinning the tuneage from RainO's favorite decades, and there will be free helicopter rides, music studio tour, perhaps a hang glider race. Oh, and of course, Free Beer :)

OPEN HOUSE - THURS Noon to 3pm with DJ CLAN!
Where: Angel Beach Estates
When: 4 months ago [5 Nov 2020 12:00 SLT]

DJ Clan hosts a casual Open House at Angel Beach Estates - Home of Clan and Clan's Band - Now leasing unfurnished but beautifully landscaped homes in a peaceful seaside community setting. Swing by and check out Webby's new homes built for privacy and views. See you here!

Swing on by and cruise our 3x3 var and maybe you will find your dream home! Join our fun seaside community. DJ CLAN ESCOTIA will be greeting and spinning from the leasing office while you cruise! Should be a fun day! Welcome home ;)

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Titiro Using 5 bots to show "traffic". Looks outdated, Nothing to experience, Empty buildings. Half a star because of false traffic.
Simom Nice place and very nice people. A lot of cool hidden places to explore.
Webby Merlin Buildings are empty.. some of them.. because we are leasing them unfurnished. At least 5 of them are fully furnished with great care. What you perceive as Bots are residents and band members who sleep in their houses overnight. Never saw you in when i was in or i would have said Hello :) Try again f...

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