Winter's Magic

Winter's Magic
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A magical winter wonderland.

Here is the house that John Sheppard built!! It is very cute John!! Nice work!'s Magic

This little house by @Tainted Angel is Adorable!! You have to come see this!! It has great little heart entry too, I love this!!'s Magic

Here is my little gingerbread house! This is too much fun! Please stop by and see the little village is growing!'s Magic

@Hairy Thor 's Gingerbread House is adorable! Look out ´╗┐@Gary Hodges´╗┐ you have competition now!

Look how darling, this is Gary Kohime's house under construction! Please stop by and watch the houses as they are being built and added to the region at Winter's Magic. Please no voting until Dec 5th, any votes prior will be deleted. Voting starts Dec 5th at noon.'s Magic
Thank you contestants for entering! We have closed the contest for entrants, the Gingerbread houses will be placed by Dec 5th, that is when we ask you to please come vote for your favorite. To the many people who have come by to visit thank you!
The gingerbread house building contest has three plots left. If you would like to enter a super fun building contest with a chance to win 1k, please consider entering. We have a box of building supplies to get you started. No worries on prim count, the size plot is 10 x 10 please come and choose yours. The date to have the house placed is Dec 5th. We will allowing building at the region too starting on November 26th !'s Magic
We have four plots left! If you would like to enter the Virtual-HG Gingerbread House building contest, please come claim your plot for building. Building begins November 26th with house to be finished and placed by noon Dec 5th! Come and join in on the fun. There is a prim to copy and rez on the plot of your choice. Please join the group so that you can rez the prim. Have fun!'s Magic
We just opened our region Winter's Magic, we will have the Gingerbread House building contest here. I have a few things out that you may copy, if you see anything that isn't that you would like please just ask. We will be working on the region it is a work in progress. If you would like to enter the contest, please join the group to rez a prim on the house plot you want. We will start building November 26th, till December 5th. The prize will be 1k gloebits there is a box of building supplies here please feel free to copy. Prims and mesh building parts, this is a 10 x 10 parcel.

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NewStyler Beautiful place. Be sure to check it out

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Tainted Angel 3 days ago
I have a gingerbread house, how can I add it to your region with the rest?