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The Furniture Vault
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Amber Tanaka
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1 month ago
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Furniture Region Free Stuff

I put alot of work in to what i do.
the only ting i ask for return is from u to show respect for the server..

for more info and Project's
Blocked List:

1. fixst firestorm randome viewer crash isue monitoring the fix hope it did work.
2. found some leads to the simulator's losing conecsion to robust Isues and may have -
Found the source of the conflict monitoring if its fixst.
3. Fixst the GCG identification issues.

kohakugrid 9.1 Server Maintenance Done.
huge performance differences i hope u guys wil feel the difference and have a more smooth shopping experience >

kohakugrid 9.1 Server Maintenance
Region's will experience some performins isues and short downtime's
Grid Hub
The Undergrounds
Stelvio Pass
The Furniture Vault

what is the plan?
1. Backups Oar/Iar/SQL
2. DB Duplicates cleaning
3. Regions cleaning
4. Regions Moving & Orgenize.
5. Fixing auto backup/repair Tool
6. Temporarily patch curency server bug

i'm not sure if i will be able to finish it al today but i will do my best to fix it fast and safely.
Sty Safe♥.
sorry guys..
it seems someone is deliberately crashing the region when i sleep so the server is temporarily whitelisted. I already have an idea how they manige to do that. for now there is nothing I can do to fix the bug they are using to bring the region down. sty safe.
in response of the heavy traffic and crashes lately i put a limit on how much hypergrid users are allowed in the region at the same time.
this should minimize the lag. and hopefully bring u guys a more smooth shopping experience.
Stey safe ♥

copy speed and block is fixs. if u find eny isues with copy items please tel me

i found a fix related to the copy items isue seems the oar convert from 8.2 to 9.1 mest up the setings on promisions it shows ful prem and is fulprem but at the same time hypergrid users seem to ahve isues to some of the premisions to copy them setting new promisions dosnot fix it but i found a way around this by adding the items in a box it my take some time to fix all items but testing did seem to work. give me a houre meby 2 to fix this be safe all. ♥

i moved The Furniture Vault to the 9.1 grid i hope this wil fix the isues u guys tolt me about in the Coomans and reviews stay safe and keep shopping. ♥.♥

Furniture Region Free Stuff

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OpenSimUser Fresh and very nice region, with items for everyone. Only complaint i have was a few things were not set to get a copy of. Otherwise a very nice place to build your collection from.
Debra Ann Congi You keep adding new beautiful items. Top notch designs. Will come and peek again.
Cheyanne88 Great sim I highly recommend thanks

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WolfTerritories yesterday
If need some beautiful furniture and accessories. Highly Recommended. This is the place to go. Very high quality and low prim.
ViolettaBiziou 2 days ago
What a wonderful place!
I love the Love that went in to this to make it so very special, the work must be massive, and thanks for all the great items you offer us humble avatars.
I also looked outside the box and saw a beautiful skybox, I would love to be the proud owner of that one... smiles.
Thank you so much for letting us fill our basket with goodies.
Love and good health to you, and stay safe in the this strange world we live in at the moment. x
Amber Tanaka 2 days ago
its added to the 3th floor on the wall :)
Kylie Brimmer 7 days ago
Amazing place to visit and love it!!!
jessi 11 days ago
WOW great place .. make sure not to miss.. a must go to place .. thanks for all the great stuff xxx
Zoe Burke 14 days ago
What a wonderful work you have done, organizing all your stuff. Also with the TP's we can visit easier all your different places. All here is so pretty and well done. Thank you again for all you do for the community. Big big hugs!
FreyaJo8 16 days ago
I tried to tp to your sim 5 avatars and it told me I could not tp there because the region is full?? huh
Amber Tanaka 16 days ago
server only accepts a few hypergrid users at the same time.
FreyaJo8 16 days ago
ah ok, thanks for your speedy reply, I'll come back when there is no one on the grid, appreciate it :)
Amber Tanaka 16 days ago
u sud be able to ged in now thers only 2 inside
Anjinhabr 17 days ago
Hello, I'm very sad, because today I learned that double life is prevented from entering. I don't understand. I always go there, and I love the things in this beautiful store. I always tell people to go and visit the grid. I’m really sad, because I don’t see anything for us to be prevented from entering the grid. and I hope you guys review our entry on rid.Thanks