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Becca Kershaw
To all my friends om the hypergrid. I broke my arm about 4 weeks ago and was not able to get online during that time! While i was gone Xaria stole Club Equinox from me and deleted my AVI from Equinox Grid! I started Club Equinox and have been the owner for almost 4 years now and made alot of friends along the way~ ?? There is really nothing i can do to get it back but i wanted everyone to know what a nasty and mean person Xaria is and people warned me she was going to do this to me and she saw an opportunity to take advantage of me while i was disabled and not able to defend what is rightly mine!!!!!! please boycott Club Equinox and don't patronize that club because it is stolen!!!!!

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This review states the one (Becca) who banned so many for no reason.. Becca sent mass OSW notices to all she knows (including me) ..if they want to know or not. Their problem is between the 2...So: ignore Becca review. She has a long term prob so many know. to me Equi is still a place to visit (even though the music isnt always "my " thing), but I feel to be welcome there!

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