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What is Hidden Dreams? What are your Dreams? Sailing over 500 sims, exploring African animal safari, whitewater kayaking, surfing, diving, being a mermaid, cave exploration, intimate moments on a beautiful beach, Shopping in the mall, racing and so much much more!

Hidden Dreams is not a zoo, but has more "live" animals than you can ever imagine! Visit the animal Preserve at Hidden Africa. Go underwater and see thousands of fish and marine life at Coral Reef and Mermaid Cove.

The greatest aspect of Hidden Dreams is our people! We have the greatest residents in the world! Hidden Dreams is for people to enjoy and we have a few rentals still available for FREE!

Come out and Party at
Aqua Club on Hidden Dreams

Make new Friends

and listen to DJ Koda Parx

Symphony: That was a great party & DJ set. thanks you all thats was so fun! 4 days ago
Hidden Dreams Dance at the new Aqua Club

Find a fun sexy outfit and join us today at 2pm grid time!

this is to celebrate our new Hidden Dreams Grid...and the new Aqua Club

Dj Koda Parx

Hostess Aponi Parx

* music requests will be taken

Hidden Dreams Aqua Club
Where: Hidden Dreams
When: 4 days ago [14 May 2022 14:00 SLT]

Hidden Dreams Friends & Family Mixer

Find a fun sexy outfit and join us on Saturday!

this is to celebrate our new grid...and the new Aqua Club

Save the date!

Saturday May 14 2pm grid time

Dj Koda Parx

Hostess Aponi Parx

This Saturday, find a sexy outfit, and make plans to join us at Aqua Club!

Grand opening Party
Saturday May 14 2pm grid time

Dj Koda Parx

Hostess Aponi Parx

Tropical island in search of partner. Qualified applicant should be :
* interested in small community
* respectful of others
* not a child avi
* someone who will make this island your home....and be fairly regular in spending time every week.

This island is not looking for another broken heart from someone who appears for a weekend.......then suddenly disappears .

Bonus consideration given if applicant would love to sail across our 500 sims!

Qualified applicants who are interested in this recently single island should contact Safine Mahoe, Director of Island Matchmaking

Courreges Malatesta: Lovely place to live in, such natural landscapes and so many places to visit. Furthermore, the team is really cool :) With all of that, not so hard to come and spend time every week ;) 13 days ago
Some people call this magical place Hidden Dreams,
you can call it Home.

What is at Hidden Dreams? It is not simply another grid.....it is a community...a collection of the most awesome residents in the world! In addition to that, you will also find: Surfing, sailing (on 500 sims), exploring, shopping, racing and more!

Now for the people who understand tech talk or are tired of lag at other grids......Hidden Dreams has a 100% DEDICATED 20 core providing excellent response and making sure the user experience is second to none. Hidden Dreams is FAST!

Come join our community!

Limited number of free islands available...contact Safine Mahoe now before they are gone!

Hidden Dreams Grid
It is about you....

Come find out why others are calling it home. Limited number of free island parcels available.

artwork by Symphony Vive

Life's a Beach.....
When you live on your own island!

Maybe it is time you had the island house you have always wanted.....with 500 sims around you to boat on! Find out why people are talking about Hidden Dreams being the best place to live . Enjoy your home...at Hidden Dreams. Free Rentals available.
Hidden Dreams Grid is now open!
We are doing some repairs from the Oar loads, but we are open for Residents and visitors. Some people have asked me how I did this....and the simple truth is I did not do it. Although I play in the dirt and do a little landscaping, I have no programming knowledge whatsoever. I have surrounded myself with some very talented people who made this dream come alive. All the credit to Hidden Dreams Tech Administrator - Julina Quandry. Hidden Dreams Administrator - Symphony Vive also assisted with tech communications.

Crazyposeidon: Lot Sucsess with this Challenge for you and your Team - Peace and Love sents C&C 1 month ago
Hidden Dreams is moving!

Once osg comes back online please use the link from osw to make sure you get to Hidden Dreams. In the near future, your saved landmarks will no longer work as will be at the new location!

I am super anxious to see everyone!

#HDG or bust!

#taking control of the situation

Jack Sail: BRAVO. Taking control indeed, you've put a lot of work in the best world out there. Buzz and Jill 2 months ago

Hidden Dreams will be back soon and I can’t wait to see my friends and family!


#taking control of the situation

Jerralyn Franzic: Can't wait! I think I literally visited your sim on the first day I entered Open Sim via OSgrid, last November. Or close to that date anyhow... :) 2 months ago

#Positive attitude
#Friends & Family
#taking control of this situation

Hidden Dreams

See you in a few days my friends!

#taking control of the situation

Symphony: Boom! \0/ 2 months ago

A special note to all my Hidden Dreams Family and Friends. I am super anxious to see you all and have some exciting news!

#taking control of the situation

Lone Wolf: Are you going to set up your own grid? 2 months ago
Landscaping.....It is my favorite thing to do....but now I have a new store to find things. R&M has opened a special Landscaping display island here at Hidden Dreams. Flowers, Trees, waterfalls, bridges....everything you need for your project! Come on out and visit R& M Landscaping at Hidden Dreams


Crazyposeidon: No matter where we are born, we are human beings The same chemistry, with emotions and feelings, all corresponding in love compatible 2 months ago
Make sure you pick up a gun on the trail......and aim carefully. Hidden Caverns offers a few challenges for those who love exploring. Hidden Caverns is the newest feature of Hidden Dreams estate....and it is ready for you to explore. Make sure you have a light...and a good aim!
Hidden Caverns is the newest addition at Hidden Dreams. This complex cave system features an assortment of rooms and tunnels. This is a maze...designed for those who like to explore. Come out and visit Hidden Caverns today!

Symphony: Super fun. This thingy is soooo cool. TY for sharing Safine! 3 months ago
Enjoy the cool waters with a sporty new suit from R & M Creations. Perfect for surfing or just relaxing. R & M offers classic clothing, tattoos and much more!

R & M Creations in the European Village Mall at Hidden Dreams

Photo by Millyann Morgana
Be in Style even when working on the ranch! Come over to R & M Creations and find fashions for your Classic or mesh body....as well as a huge selection of sexy tattoos.

R & M Creations in the European Village Mall at Hidden Dreams.

photo by Millyann Morgana
Some days are best spent
pretending to be floating in the clouds.
feeling peaceful and serene
not a care in the world

Fashions from R & M Creations at Hidden Dreams

Photo by Millyann Morgana
This winter make sure you stay warm and stylish! Head over to R & M Creations at Hidden Dreams. This is where you get the things you cannot find elsewhere.

R & M Creations...located in the European village mall at Hidden Dreams

photo by Millyann Morgana

It's time to work on that tan! Make sure you have the cutest fashions and tattoos for the beach. R & M Creations in the European village mall at Hidden Dreams

Time to clean out closets and get some fun new fashions for 2022! Be daring, be sexy....and have fun! Find unique fashions at R & M Creations in the European Village mall in Hidden Dreams.

Photo by MillyAnn Morgana
Casual style
showing the muscles
and feeling relaxed
in a sunny paradise.

You will find excellent classic styles for the male avi at R & M Creations in the European Village mall at Hidden Dreams.
You will find Tattoos for the guys and gals at R& M Creations in Hidden Dreams. Small tats, large tats, nawty tats, fun tats.

Remember, this is virtual....and you can take a tat off the next day.....replace it with a different one....or make it magically disappear until next time you want to wear it.

R & M Creations........in the European Village mall at Hidden Dreams
Ahoy mate, it be time to get to r& m creations in 'idden dreams. They 'ave the treasure that there ye will not find at other malls. The clothin' an' merchandise be free, but ye may 'ave to deal with some gentlemen o' fortune!.

don't wait.....get o'er to r & m creations today!

r & m creations; located in the european village mall at Hidden dreams.

photography by millyann morgana. 
This month I am honored to Feature R & M Creations at Hidden Dreams. R & M Creations has multiple stores in our European Village mall.

Here you can see Milly wearing her own creations and showing the wonderful world of fantasy in virtual worlds. 2022 is the year for you to try some new things!

At R & M Creations, you will find: Art, tattoos, classic clothing and mesh clothing. I know most people in virtual worlds love to shop......I do! This month.....I want you to come check out my friend's Roberta & Milly's store. I used to hate tats....now I have a couple that are sooooo sexy. 2022 is the year of change......and you will find it at R & M Creations.

R & M Creations.....just one of the many secrets at Hidden Dreams

photo by Millyann Morgana
No Longer Sold Out!!!

People have ben finding out that a home at Hidden Dreams is the #1 place in open Sim! We have two marinas, 500+ sims, underwater worlds, stores and much more! As great as Hidden Dreams is....we had a problem....we ran out of space! I wanted to start 2022 right and so I have set up another 128 sims to provide housing for 50 more renters. An important note....we have 20 brand new islands available to rent! Don"t waste time....contact us today! My rent charge is $0....I am more concerned with building a community of good people than paying for my costs.

Come join the Hidden Dreams family

Hidden Dreams........its about YOU

Hidden Dreams Family & Friends Mixer
Starting NOW
come hear DJ Bianca & DJ Sang

Hidden Christmas is OPEN!
sorry I am still in my pajamas, but I didn't have time to find any fancy outfit.....we need to get this OPEN!!!! Mis Behaves (Kitty) and I have been busy making this amazing holiday area for your enjoyment.

At Hidden Christmas, you will find:
* Hundreds of Christmas Dresses in the mall
*gift shops
* Christmas village like no other
* "Live' animals
* magical winter scenes
*the beauty of the cold Arctic sea
* Christmas fun to take you back to your childhood

We look forward to seeing you soon at Hidden Christmas!
R & M Creations at Hidden Dreams has the tattoos to make you feel sooo sexy! These tattoos work on classic or mesh bodies and Male / Female styles are available. This tattoo is being modeled by the beautiful Symphony Vive . You will find R & M Creations inside the European Village Mall at Hidden Dreams.

When I go to Hidden Dreams Beach, I love wearing Tattoos from R & M creations in the European Village Mall at Hidden Dreams. Go find some Tats and hit the Beach!

Sails up and the winds are strong!. Head over to Hidden Dreams Sailboat Marina for fast sailing and more than 40 boats on display!

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Symphony Hidden Dreams is brought by a Protective, generous, wise owner balancing a huge region project... Proud to know Safine. the all-inclusive community at Hidden Dreams lets me enjoy so many things to explore as Hidden Dreams keeps developing designing and growing. Even the Africa animals keep growing...
Malibu SIM very good with many boats games and what is good some cop helped me a lot because I was looking for a boat and I found it there I recommend it to everyone
Kubwa Beatiful and well designed. A lot to explore.

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Region Comments

Alfred 1 month ago
wel done Safine and also the rest of the crew
Jack Sail 4 months ago
Huge grids that have every form of entertainment presented with the utmost aesthetics and the infrastructure to maintain excellent performance can be a daunting task. The creators of Hidden Dreams have achieved this and then some. Hidden Dreams is a holistic blend of beauty, function and entertainment foundered on a philosophy of kindness and generosity. As a long time grid traveler this place never ceases to amaze me.
Safinemahoe2 4 months ago
Hello Michael, I am humbled by your comments, especially since I have never met you. Although Hidden Dreams has much landscaping and details, the true beauty lies with the residents.....they are what makes Hidden Dreams special!
Alfred 6 months ago
hidden Christmas i had the priveledge to have a personel tour with Safine and i can say this, i give her a 10+ for effort wel done
Safinemahoe2 6 months ago
Thank you Alfred, people like you are what makes Hidden Dreams special!
AshaShanti 9 months ago
Loved the African areas :)
Safinemahoe2 9 months ago
Thank you Asha! You are always welcome at Hidden Dreams!
victorialogan 11 months ago
beautiful, really an interesting site, I recommend it to visit. You have done an excellent job, congratulations.
Safinemahoe2 11 months ago
Muchas gracias Victoria! su región, Vicky Dreams, es un excelente recurso para la comunidad hispana
Kenin950 11 months ago
Hi folks, I have just done a tour around this place, I haven't seen it all yet it's lol,, but I have to say it is gorgeous, make sure you have 2 or 3 hours spare to take it all in,, you will be amazed..
Safinemahoe2 11 months ago
thank you Kenin, you are kind and i look forward to meeting you when you come back. And....if you don't have 2-3 hours....just come by for a few minutes and return again!
Kashi Takeshi 11 months ago
Hiddens Dreams, made by Safine and Alexis is a great place with lot's to explore. Take your time because the place is big :)
Safinemahoe2 11 months ago
Thank you Kashi, that is a huge compliment from a talented builder like yourself!
Kashi Takeshi 11 months ago
Thanks for the nice compliment. I am just a modest builder :)