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10 months ago
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CopyKat Grid Loves You !!!

NEW REGIONS - Sex City, Sex Lagoon & Falene Pirate

Adachi lis located in Copykat grid & now includes seven separate Adachi regions. Each Adachi region is unique.

CopyKat Grid has 20 full regions of freebie shopping. Everything in CopyKat Grid is Free & Full Perms. Not only the boxed items but all content that is displayed in every region.

CopyKat Grid teleports can be found at Adachi landing.

Now Open ...
Sex City - freebies
Sex Lagoon - freebies & sex
Falene Pirate - freebies

Adachi 1-7 (freebie shopping)
Adachi - Treeasure Island (freebie shopping) - Zani Zanadu, Misty Night, Sergio Rodriguez, Oni Kiri
Freckles (freebie shopping)
Aether - Art (freebie shopping) - Arie Tenk
Cosmos - Art (freebie shopping) - Cherry Manga
Jukebox - Art - Cherry Manga
Grimm - (freebie shopping) - Jimmy Dayton
Advantis - (freebie shopping) - Nexus Storm
Frog Butt - Gor (freebie shopping) - Toxic Frog
BDSM World - Sex - Dark Wolf
Jazztopia - Music Events - Zeta Mistwalker
Kursaal - Amusemant Park - Jimmy Dayton
Promenade - Secret - Jimmy Dayton
Doobieville - Racing - Mike Gallery & Linda Kellie
Kingston - Live Music Events - Goddess Oksana & Wallace Wireefly
Bali - (freebie shopping) - Niska VonNeumann
Expo-Land - Art (freebie shopping) Aurel Ovelia, Oni Kiri
Clubs - (freebie shopping) Oni Kiri

Many, many people give & contribute to Adachi and CopyKat grid ... too many to list. We appreciate all of you !!!

All regions in CopyKat Grid are Packed with Content for all your needs

Everything in Adachi & public regions of CopyKat Grid are for sale or copy & full perms.

If you find something that is not copy or full perms please IM Oni Kiri who will be happy to make it copy and deliver to you. If you need help with something (anything) ask in local chat or IM Oni Kiri. CopyKat Grid residents are all highly skilled in opensim, are givers and more than willing to take as much time as needed to assist you.

We are happy to report that only three persons has been banned in the seven months CopyKat grid has been listed.


Child Avatars & Child Presenting are not allowed - you will be asked to wear adult avatar or go find your fun elsewhere - if you persist in using child avatar in Adachi you will be banned .. Who is a Child Avatar we will decide not you !

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SSTR BAND with Goddess Oksana LIVE
Where: Adachi
When: 5 days ago [16 May 2022 17:00 SLT]

LIVE Rock & Blues -- SSTR BAND with Goddess Oksana
Opening Blues Singer SILVER LADDS

Kingston Region - CopyKat Grid ... Teleport at at Adachi Landing

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Lonetwist2k Oni is the best, wow I asked for something simple and she goes out of her way to help, with an item and more, is mentioned Simply The Best !! thank you Oni :))
Zoe Synclair Very good, I like the new layout and, as usual, lots of freebies.
Passion Jumanji AWESOME! So glad to see this grid back in action! ;) Looking forward to sending my friends here as well as coming back time & again! Thank you for reopening this grid again! ;)

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Region Comments

BartholomewSelleger 4 days ago
This place is totally awesome, very nice owners and great content, I recommend it to all. Very helpful and if you find something you can't copy, just ask, and they'll get it for you...that was my experience.
Elegance 17 days ago
Very kind owners !!!
Lonetwist2k 17 days ago
Oni went out of her way to help me, she and her staff are wow, and is lovely welcome center and friendly people, thank you Oni ....Tenderly
Ralph.Clinquant 23 days ago
Really lovely place. It's packed with stuff. I come here regularly and it really shows the typical spirit of Opensim.
Helping each other!

Very friendly admin who took time to help me out personally.
zeta 28 days ago
great place to visit explore and meet friends
Mourning_Rayne 1 month ago
Adachi ROCKS! Oni is very sweet .Adachi is a go to for me and always highly recommend.
DauniLanzet 2 months ago
I absolutely LOVE Adachi. Oni always outdoes herself this time is no exception. I had the pleasure of a brief exchange with her this morning what a Gem! I highly recommend Adachi.