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where good meets evil and in between. Autumn and Halloween decoration, exploring! This is a seasonal sim, means only open a special time of the year

Hello Folks! I just wanted to say thank you for your great comments and support towards Autumnville. I close the sim for public end of week. Thank you all ,stay safe and a Happy Halloween weekend!

Well what can I say, I am somehow speakless.. people from Avitron come to my Halloween sim and grab items, but when I visit Avitrons freebie sims nothing went in my inventory. This is not a one way street, is this fair? Sorry folks then i block this grid in future.

The last new items (to the sim) for this year arrived. You find them at this place on the sim. Costumes, gifs and some deco stuff

Sunset at Autumnville

Ohh, I think even these excellent herbs can't stop your bad breath

Happy weekend all

New to the sim and inside the church "Lurker"

relaxing and listening to the stream...

watching how the pumpkins grow:-)

Hands up, Baby Hands up...reminds me somehow of the Disco Song from Ottawan lol. New to the scene.."Deathgrip" I added it to the graveyard inside the graveyard:-)

New to the sim " Soul Eater" . You find it at the Zombie Scene

oops I found a lot more items that are related to Halloween inside my inventory. I places them all inside the magick should do a second look inside

new to the sim.. "Aspxyxia"..grab it, before it grabs you!!!

I dont know what it is, but they are hanging around here , called Loot spirit, spirit and speaker spirit.

spooky today.. Etzel,Xanten and Lionbeach went offline but everything is up and running again!

You Know They Got A Hell Of A Band here on Autumnville

enjoying the warm autumn sun..happy sunday all!

seems Osgrid had some trouble and practiced for the next Big Bang. But we are back online. New to the sim.. a statue so gruesome and cruel that i can only show it from the backside here. You find it next to the med.village,close to the castle

new to the sim "Sepulcher" You find version 1 inside the circus tent, version 2 inside the castle...

that will ruin my diet...

New to the sim, inside the Freak Show.."Axehead"..

I wish you all a good start into the week. I found this on Internet, eastern canada
, so peace and colorful..

New to the sim, inside the Asylum..The Gas Mask Man!

new to the sim "something on the roof.."

Oh no, I hope she will not ban clowns this person is really horrible.. happy weekend folks!!

A new item added to the scene.. "Hydra"..You find it inside the scenery "cabin in the woods"

I added the zombie part with 2 horrible items..facedog and creature from hell

I added the zombie part with 2 horrible items..facedog and creature from hell

new items added to the scene..

New Items added to the scene.. e.g. a creepy dollhouse with creepy dolls.. you find it inside the house next to the graveyard

I wish you all a relaxed weekend!

All things I found so far all over the hypergrid, belonging to Autumn and Halloween at one place . nice arranged, some modified . The sim has 3 parts.. on the Plateau you will find Autumn things for decorating your home. The horrible blood and gore part is inside the circus tent, surrounded by a more or less rotten ,abandoned funfair. Next to the Circus tent you find..well to much to tell and I want you to look yourself and explore. And for all Freebie Hunters..there are 4 places on the sim where you can overindulge your massive shopping, lol.:
-Next to the landing point
-Inside the Magic Shop
- tons of boxed stuff inside the church
- the house next to the graveyard
Not everything is copy but most! (and it is really a lot!!!)
And to give it a name I call the sim "Autumnville -where good meets evil and in between"
The sim is fully decorated ,so please give it time to rez or ,if necessary relog for better results! Have fun

Happy sunday.. The sim needed a restart, but now it is up and running again...

"Darn...I wanted to push the red button first"...

Happy Tuesday...I am good to birds.. Ich bin gut zu Vögeln..^^

a look inside...

This "magick Shop" on the sim is fully stocked with unusual things for your decoration needs..:-)

Have a great week! I modified "the abandoned church " a bit and put different items together.. Now you have a lava tongue entrance. Inside are the boxes with tons of Autumn and Halloween stuff. Keep healthy!

I wish you all a happy and healthy weekend!!!

"The pumpkin bridge" :-))

"Pumpkins..Pumpkins..I see Pumpkins everywhere..."

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Lone Wolf Really well done. The realism is brilliant. Loved the rides.
Amaranthim Talon Just started to check it out- It looks great and I can't wait to get back there- but.. oops- it just went down and I can't get back. 9/20-2021 - 10:30 AM EST
Nexus Storm If you are setting up for Halloween making a spooky Fun Fair or just want to see some great spooky items this is the place !!!

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CyberGlo CyberStar 9 months ago
This is the best halloween region I have seen so far. The imagination of Thomas Etzel is unparalleled in the realm of spooky. His creative achievements give a real sense of wonder to all hallows eve, and the genius he shows linking it all together flawlessly is unsurpassed.
AnnaMaria 10 months ago
My absolute favorite is the Autumn decoration stuff on the plateau. Very cool stuff!
Suzan Von Otter 10 months ago
for helloween lovers worth to see !