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A family village, clean, pristine and ready for families to live in the homes. Free homes available and there is plenty of swimming, boating, games, rides, a hospital, Church, and Effie's Kitchen bay side diner. Plenty to do and if you're a role player there is plenty more. Grid rules apply.

Because New Hope park is open 24 hours for visitors we now have "lighted bouys" in the bay for boats and bumper boats to play. Stop in any time and enjoy the rides and the beauty of the region.

This is what happens when you leave me alone and unattended for a few hours, I build stuff!! Anyway, here is another car for the train, a first class passenger train from the days of old. It boasts beaded board paneling on the inside as well as a beautiful Persian carpet, burgundy velvet seats decked out with brass trim where bumbershoots and coats can be stored. I will be making this available in our Dageraad region at "" so stop in in the next few days and check it out. Blessings.

Misty_Falls: WOW !!!... so kewl 16 days ago
Grid Our Dawn is offering 7 free shop spaces in our region of New Hope for 7 first come (and meet the requirements), first served shop owners to display some of their goods in one of the shops and add a LM to their region on their grid. If you're interested in setting up your shop in the New Hope region's Village Shoppes, just contact me, and we'll talk it over. We have just a few but simple stipulations, but there is no charge at all, we just want to help you promote your region.
My most recent build, the picture does not do it justice honestly....this is an old time steam engine that is partial mesh, has a nice seat for the engineer and a good bit if detail, though I know there could be more. The Train to New Hope will be our tour train and Misty is working on the Passenger car and scripting the train for tours. We hope you will stop by and see a great grid that lives on real team effort! Blessings! I will also be making this train available in our Dageraad region here on Grid Our Dawn....that is found at " "......
Another new addition to New Hope on Grid Our Dawn, the Train Station for the Train to New Hope. We are planning on adding a tour train in the not to distant future, in the mean time, foot tours are awesome! Come check out Grid Our Dawn's Village of New Hope based on New Hope Pennsylvania (very loosely) and enjoy the rides and many activities you will find there. Blessings!

PS - If you would like a copy of this train station for your own grid, you can find it at - - not too far from the lighthouse and the Southern Victorian Mansion.
I didn't like those rings they looked like old tires, so, I decided to find an "Emblem of Hope" and found this anchor and decided to build it. There are several different versions of this anchor of hope, but I liked this one best. If you would like one, just message me and I'll send it to you. You can see them in the New Hope Region of Grid Our Dawn! Blessings!

Night time shot of the Lighthouse of New Hope doing it's job protecting sailors from the rocky shores. :D

Another new addition to New Hope, the Lighthouse of New Hope features a live in cottage, working light with touch on and off. Reminds me of that old song about the that song. This build along with the mansion will be coming soon to our Dageraad region where we have our builds available for everyone. Blessings!
New Hope Pennsylvania was among the first towns to help with the "Underground Railroad" giving passage to escaped slaves before and during the American Civil War. Some places had secret tunnels that lead from homes and other buildings and they would help the escapees get to a boat that would take them north into Canada. See if you can find Freedom Tunnel and gain new hope. :D
My newest work in New Hope region of Grid Our Dawn! This beautiful "southern style" Mansion holds some secrets and you may find them. The mansion is built entirely by yours truly, right down to the window decorations and door knobs. I build in prim then throw it all in the blender. It's a little primmy but if it weren't partial mesh it'd be much worse. The train tunnel is not entirely my build, but I did put it all together so I'm taking credit where it's due. If things work out we plan to have a tour train that folks can ride around the entire region of New Hope and it holds the promise of more to come.
Getting the classrooms ready for school in the fall. Everything in the room, including the room are our grid builds, not imported mesh, the only thing not our build is the teachers desk and chair that is thanks to Arcadiashops, I recommend you visit there the place is awesome. The desks you see open to allow placing things in them, the blinds work and the desk chairs include sits. Stop by and visit New Hope region on Grid Our Dawn, you won't be disappointed.
The New Hope Family Fun Park on Grid Our Dawn is open for one and all to enjoy with rides galore and plenty of fun things to do! Ask us about one of our Original Built Homes to live in for free or a prefab - rules and restrictions apply. Grid Our Dawn is a "Family Oriented" grid and the role play possibilities are endless.

Thirza Ember: now THAT i is what I call a straight road 2 months ago
The latest addition here on Our Dawn Grid in our New Hope Region, our "Engine of New Hope" kiddie train ride. It features wild life including two arguing bears, deer, wolves, rabbits and ducks in a kind of festive floral setting and a nice ride through a cave. This ride was personally built by yours truly and the train is mesh. It was great fun to make I hope you will visit and enjoy it.

Misty_Falls: YAY, my new hang 3 months ago
Another build by your's truly, the beautiful Church of New Hope found in the New Hope region of our grid, the pews are mesh and include sits, large sanctuary and Sunday School rooms in the basement. This would be a gorgeous place for anyone to hold their wedding service. Stop by and visit - I will be starting to make my builds available for all in about a month, I need to get them all boxed and add instructions. We'll add a region to our welcome that will allow the builds to be put on display. These are original builds and not imports from SL.

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Debra Ann Congi Loved the Roller blading Rink. Had a great time!!! I'll be back again.

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rayne 2 months ago
took a quick look around, didn't want to see everything, because we want to visit as a family, with our daughter, thank you so much for the hard work building and sharing this lovely place !
ThundergodThor 2 months ago
It is entirely my pleasure! I hope you will visit and bring not only our family but your friends and their families.