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Display region for the buildings we have for people to take for their own regions. There are boxes in front of each building which you may purchase for $0. While some of the builds are a bit prim heavy they still go well with larger regions and they are modifiable. From Grid Our Dawn to yours, Happy Building. Everyone is welcome including kids. Just follow the rules.

The newest addition to the Dageraad buildings available for those who would like them, they are free and full perm. This is "The Lodge" and it comes complete with an indoor pool and working doors. Fun for any time of the year though ours is in New Hope up on the mountain where all the snow is. You can get yours in Dageraad - free, full perm, and fun. The build is partial mesh for ease of construction. Blessings - Thor
Just in time for October festivals, or just for your favorite fantasy build! Here is a pumpkin hut. It's total mesh except for the doorway which is a flexiprim. Add it to your Harvest decor or to your Halloween decor. You can leave it large size as it is and furnish it, or shrink it down and just use it as a shelf decoration or even a dollhouse. Free to any who would like it and it's full perm. You can find it in our Dageraad region's Holiday area. Have fun with it! Blessings - Thor

ThundergodThor: To any who may have gotten the pumpkin house, I discovered an issue with it this morning in that I could not walk inside it, though when I had built it it was fine. Anyway I have fixed the issue and ... 23 days ago
It will soon be that time of year! So, thinking ahead a bit, I decided to make something fancy for the outdoors that will look beautiful on any region or parcel. It's a gazebo made of ice and snow. This gazebo is partial mesh and includes a snow maker so instead of singing in the rain you can dance in the snow. It is free and full perm to whomever wants it and you'll find it exclusively in our Dageraad Holidays area. Blessings - Thor.
This church is now available in our home sales region Dageraad it is free and full perm to whomever gets it. I have not included the pews or decorations, but if you need pews I can see that you get them. Stop by Dageraad and see our beautiful homes and buildings. Blessings - Thor

KrisTina: Gonna need a dumpster for the ashes, Keep hearing a poof sound and a single smoke ring at each tp? 26 days ago
Here we go again, me left alone with too much time on my hands so.....I made a little something for our Holiday Level in Dagaraad, a li'l ole' Christmas Sleigh, but it's nice enough to be used all winter long. Now, there are no sits in it ---- yet, but I'm sure there will be soon enough. However you can add sits with the av-pro sitter or any other of your preferred sit scripts or prims. The point is to enjoy it, have fun with it. Blessings - Thor
To go with the church, here is the church pew, a nice comfy plush velvet padded pew complete with sits, and hymnal holders on the back of the pew. They are free and full perm so you can copy them and put out as many as you like. Stop by Dageraad and see our selection of grid built homes that range from modern to medieval to fantasy, we think you'll find something you like and can use. Blessings - Thor
The newest build set in Dageraad free to any and all who would like a copy. This is a small house that I recall some friends of my Grandmother lived in when we were in Town Creek Alabama. It's set on a cement slab and has a 2 car garage, eat in kitchen, large living/family room, 2 bedrooms and a nice size bathroom. It comes totally unfurnished so you can put in it what you like. This will also be a new home to live in, in New Hope for anybody looking for a home grid to live on and build.
Holiday Gumdrop Flowers for a fun and delicious decoration in 7 different flavors and made entirely of candy, leaves, stocks and flower are all candy and you can find these sweet little things in the Holiday Level of Dageraad! They're free, full perm and delicious. Enjoy and be blessed.
We have a "Holidays Level" at Dageraad where we will be putting all kinds of holiday builds as we get them done, this is the very first installation, a cozy little gingerbread house that you can actually "live" in and if you run short on food you can eat yourself out of house and home. Yeah yeah I know, bad joke, I saw the facepalming! LOL It's free for those who would like it. Blessings.
One of my little tinkerings today, the gentle flax plant with blue flowers. I will be adding different colored flowers to the plant for more variety - eventually. You can find this little gem at Dageraad next to the region TP.
Huge mansion can be used as a home, a bed and breakfast, a museum so many possibilities in Freedom Mansion which we have set up in our New Hope region but you can find the display model and boxed build in Dageraad along with many other find builds. - Blessings
It has arrived in Dageraad, the Lighthouse of New Hope complete version and instructions are in the box, you can click on the box next to the build display and purchase for $0. All of our builds are free and full perm to the next owner. Enjoy and hope to see you soon.
Another new addition to Dageraad, Thor's Tavern! It's The Place To Get Hammered! it features working "unlinked" doors, a fireplace and built in bar with shelves. All you need do is furnish it to your liking and party till the Valkyries come home. Enjoy!!
Some of one of our builder's creations, Star does a beautiful job and we're blessed to have her with us as a builder and developer. To see more of her wonderful works visit grid.our-dawn.com:8002:Land of Xzar
Our new floating fantasy home, it can be Elven or whatever you dream, just be sure you enjoy it. It comes boxed with instructions and a teleporter inside that can be modified for your own coordinates, copy it and have one for up and one for down. This build is mostly mesh and phantom, however the walls and floors have built in invisible barriers. Brought to you by yours truly! :D
Our latest addition comes to us from grid.genesis-roleplay.org:8002:The Promise Land.....it is the palace of King David or at least our rendition of it. This palace has been cleaned out and prepared for whomever may like to add it to their own region and as always it is free for you to enjoy. The detail is beautiful and this would be a grand addition to almost any region.

Medieval builds that you can use for Viking homes or just medieval farms, they are beautiful and FREE for you. Stop in and take a look around.

Beautiful fantasy builds with incredible detail waiting for you to give them life on your region.

Farm life in Pennsylvania, West Virginia is almost Heaven because Pennsylvania IS! Enjoy the peaceful serenity and beauty of nature and the builds are free just click the boxes in front of them.

Our builds range from modern affluent mansions to medieval, fantasy and mid and early 20th century. Even if you don't choose a build for yourself you will enjoy looking around I'm sure.

At the arrival point you will find a small gift from our grid scripter, Zena Vickers, just a little thank you for visiting our grid. Be sure to visit her region for a fun quest based in Norse Mythology.

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