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If you like Cats, Dinkies, exploring and freebies, this is the region to visit. All new stuff for OS, brought you by Chilli Bean and Avia Bonne. Enjoy!

Summertime for Dinkies who want to have some quality-time at the pool.
New Bikini outfit for OSDinkies available in the store now. Enjoy!

Most of us love the cuteness of the Dinkies, so I made two more cute outfits includes the props they wear.

One month up and running and for more over than 200 visitors at LoveCats.
We celebrate this succes with a special free Dinkie Cook-outfit to bake some awesome cake ;-) this include the Ginger BOM Dinkie.
Thanks all for your support and enjoy more and more upcoming outfits!

MidnightRain Glas: Ahhhh this is so cute, is there a girl one ? maybe with a cute bakers hat and apron...... 18 days ago

Funny detailed Vikingoutfit for both OS and BOM dinkies, available now in the store.

Coal Miners outfit for OS Dinkies, just another day, just another creation ;-) Enjoy the cuteness!

Ellen: Super adorable region!!!! 22 days ago

For the guys, Dinkie Combat outfit, very detailed. Fits both OS and BOM dinkies. Now available at LoveCats region/ Sharing is Caring grid.

New outfits for OS Dinkies at LoveCats, cuteness all over!

ChilliBean added some cute and some dangerous freebie animesh at the Underwaterscenery.

Avia Bonne: Just think, if you enter a grid with an untrustworthy viewer, you gain no trust. And therefor you will be treathed with no trust. Why can't we just accept bounderies? Give trust and you gain trust! 1 month ago

The stores are empty yet, and we are working hard on that, so be patient pls. The underwaterarea is ready and a nice place to explore with a special gift of Chilli hiding somewhere ;-)

Fearghus McMahon: Cool place :) the "catfish" looks awesome too. (The gift might have a permission issue though, at least if I spotted the correct gift :) ) 2 months ago

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