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A sim dedicated to my world music project called Sunvibes that I have been running on different grids. The stream plays a unique playlist that changes regularly as I carry on discovering new styles and tunes from around the world. The music has an African/Indian/Hungarian focus but you will hear tunes from all over the globe. Enjoy :)

Come pop in to hear a fun list of tunes from Celtic reggae to Desert blues, tunes from India to Ivory Coast and beyond. Get this colorful poofer at the Welcome area. Have a great weekend :)

Listen to tunes like Weed Samosas And Sriracha, Laughing Buddha and many others - on today's playlist at Sunvibes : Delhi 2 Dublin and Afro Celt. While there, check out the little Freebie shop for Africa inspired tops, Fractal images and other Africa inspired items. Happy weekend :)
Come get Bona-fied at Sunvibes with Encantadas Stick people.

This weekend you can hear Richard Bona's music. He is a Cameroon born international jazz sensation - if you like ethno jazz / jazz fusion - he is a great one to listen to. If you don't like jazz fusion - then come only for the freebies :)

Come visit Sunvibes - turn on stream to hear the sounds of Freshlyground ( South African band ) and pick up some Africa inspired tops - and African fabric textures. Have a great weekend :)

Come visit Sunvibes for a unique playlist this weekend - tunes from Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali, Benin, Niger, South Africa and beyond. You will also find a selection of African fabric textures at the Freebie shop and other goodies. Happy weekend :)

Come visit Sunvibes to hear my latest playlist - music from Africa, India, Hungary and beyond. The list changes all the time so you will always hear new styles and vibes as time goes on.

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SheaButter 4 months ago
Awesome job! Feels like am on holidays. The tunes are great too, very jiggy.
AshaShanti 4 months ago
Happy you enjoyed :) Come anytime when you are in the mood for a holiday again :)