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The Market
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The Galleria at the Market is a collection of things we have found across the grids. You'll find some real oddities in Odds N Ends, and there are several other new shops happening, and being added to. Most of this is not our own work, and we explicitly give credit here to all the creators who have provided the wonderful items! :)

You'll find some custom modded items, animesh animals, old school stuff and some new goodies too. There's also a Pancake Factory on the grounds if you need a bite to eat!

Always being added to, check back for new additions!

Milly's Grab Bag #2 is out, you can get a copy next to the first one at Odds N Ends!

72 Homes, cottages, lighthouses, modern houses and manors. Hopefully no duplicates, enjoy and share out :)

Update: Added a castles box with some free beautiful castles ..

In my travels across many grids I have come across a lot of items shared freely. My inventory is currently over 20 gig and it's time to share the wealth :) I'm offering the first 'Grab Bag' - actually a box - filled with 75 assorted goodies. Animesh, houses, all sorts of stuff. It's yours for the grabbing, it's right inside the front door of Odds N Ends!

OpenSimUser: Then you are not doing it correctly, because your inventory should be 50 gigs or more in opensim lol 2 months ago
The Rainbow Hoodie and Hippy Chick Pants work well together, I think :) Custom made outfits, based on Moonlight templates.

Available at Milly's, at the far end of the Galleria. ( near the Lover's Fountain )

Ellen: Very cute! Thank you for giving us access! 2 months ago
The hot mess of Odds N Ends. Built on a base of old school Clutterfly but with so much more. Always being added to, always free, oddities, wedding stuff, sci fi and fun things from across the grids.

Yes, it IS a mess .. but a nice one :)

RemmyRavenhurst: I love a good mess makes me feel at home! :) 2 months ago

The little Steampunk shop All Steamed Up.

Ellen: Cute name! 2 months ago

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