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Security Orb, teleport routing, gadgets. Greeters, profile texture display, Castles, Houses, homes, Visitor logger, spy gadgets, teleporters, automated group invites. Aperture doors. AniMesh avatars, good male AO animation override female AO collections of various useful land items.

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Safinemahoe2 I would love to give a good review to this place......but unfortunately I cannot. I believe in finding good in every situation.....but am very upset after what I witnessed just now. My height is 1.66 meters or 5.45 feet...same height that it has always been. When you land at this wonderful pl...
MTimeless I don't see the point of having two almost identical regions where nothing works. It greets you, wants you to join a group and offers the usual landmarks but even the visitor counter doesn't work. Kinda disappointed love a good gadget but this was a bust. The above is what I posted at the first C...

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Apologies for intermediate connection issues . past 2 days I've moved the server, that went smooth during off peek with over 18 hours of database transfers . To keep regions online, any objects created during the transfer will be lost (as done with SecondlIfe) I switch name server from the limited no-ip, to astatic ip to a very well rated server host etc. etc. The transfer setup was so smooth there should have been no loss in connections. Australians looking for good value server that survived the 2022 floods with no down time since 2020 may wish to look at with free name server hosting and greater ,ore highly configurable entries than no-ip (but, you need to be static) to utilise this. Have a great virtual and real life day.
Back online. Sorry, had to move the server around yesterday and went offline for near 24 hours. I celebrated after, with 3 beers, okay, lost count after 3. It was three and I'm sticking with that story.
Network failure corrected. Region online.
I have a new gadget available. It records sim load of an AVATAR, not region. Displays, total prims of attachments and scripts. The down side being, why I don't know, is when an avatar visits from another grid their scripts are disabled. To me that's a long standing stupid thing. The only way to have your scripts active during hyper grid teleports is to have special clothing worn from your "My Suitcase" folder which many are not aware of. Anyhow, the gadget works well for local visitors and visitors from other grids that are wearing clothing from their travelling folder "My Suitcase" Potential for gadget is many. Could be used to kick avatars (after fair warning) if causing too much load on a region / sim. But, that, is well, something that would be more suited to SecondLife not Opensim but, maybe later the gadget could evolve to that if wanted.
Not everyone can use "My Suitcase". Nor do they want or like. It might kick everyone from sim tho, lol. Your gadgets are awesome!
Great work, very advanced and highly sophisticated. This individual can create.
I've been trying to get here but for some reason it won't let me
What error message are you getting when trying to get in? Need more information. System shows a dozen arrived and stayed a min of 10 minutes past 2 hours with the exception of 3 staying 1 or less minutes on region. Perhaps 1 is your AVI. But will monitor.
I made it lol, thank you so much for your wonderful items xoxo
Grateful for this creators products! This is my go to for Gadgets! Thank you so much. :)